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Travel-and-Leisure If you are looking for an unforgettable cooking vacation, then there is no better place than Tuscany, Italy. Tuscan cuisines are renowned all over the world and enrolling in cooking schools in Tuscany is an excellent way to learn the traditional styles of preparing Tuscan cuisines. The authentic and delicious Tuscan cuisines are prepared from simple and fresh ingredients such as herbs, rosemary, sage and thymes. Cooking classes may run from a single day to week long. You can enroll for just one or two classes if your schedule is limited and if you are coming for a long vacation to Tuscany, you can indulge in week long classes. Classes are taught in beautiful historical villas that also feature modern amenities. Cooking schools in Tuscany cater to cooking needs of both beginners and professional chefs by offering specialized cooking classes by Master Chefs. Apart from learning delicious dishes, a cooking vacation to Tuscany also includes learning about the diverse Tuscan culture, traditions, customs and enjoying views of beautiful sights of Tuscany. It is an incredible experience to learn art and traditions of Italian cuisines. TuscanyCustomized.com is a prominent provider of customized cooking vacations Tuscany tours at the most affordable prices. Their comprehensive trip packages include everything to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. Associated with TuscanWay.com, TuscanyCustomized.com is a leading provider of tailored trip packages along with excellent services. Tuscany cooking courses are organized in their large rustic kitchens in a friendly manner. Guests will prepare the dishes along with professional chefs who have mastered the art of cooking traditional Tuscan dishes. Their Master Chefs will also unravel the secrets of selecting the finest ingredients for making a dish more delicious. TuscanyCustomized.com offers an incredible opportunity to learn the techniques for preparing mouthwatering Tuscan cuisines. You can also download a free brochure for complete details about their trip packages. For more information, please visit .tuscanycustomized.. . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: