Turkey urged the United States to accelerate the process of the United States to respond to the new ppp13.com

Turkey urged the United States to accelerate the extradition process – the U.S. response to the opposition Guellen Beijing, according to Xinhua news agency, 24 U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Turkey, met with Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim and President El’s. The earthwork urged the United States to expedite extradition is attempting to overthrow the regime to identify the earth earth religious Fett hulah Guellen?. Yildirim and Biden at a joint press conference held that the current United States judicial working group has arrived in Ankara, it discussed the problem and extradition Guellen earthwork. "If the United States can accelerate the process of Guellen extradition, Turkey will be swept away the disappointment and dissatisfaction with the United states." Biden stressed that the United States has absolutely no intention to protect allies of the enemy, but must be fully Guellen extradition irrefutable evidence, legal procedures to complete the premise. The United States of Turkey failed coup did not know in advance, but also did not participate, participate in or support any accused the United States of Turkey attempted coup remarks are groundless statement. El’s in talks with Biden, disappointed in the United States did not arrest guellen. In July 15th this year after the attempted military coup occurred in Turkey, the government of Turkey recognized coup mastermind of living in the United States of Pennsylvania, "the Gulen movement" leaders Guellen, and formally submitted to the United States for the extradition of guellen. The United States asked the earth to provide conclusive evidence that any extradition request must be reviewed by the judiciary. During his talks with Turkey’s leaders, Biden expressed support for Turkey’s military operations in northern Syria. "We believe that the Turkey border must be completely controlled by Turkey, rather than occupy other organizations." 24 am, the Turkey army crossed the Syrian border, into the Syria border town of Gela Bo Ruth, the extremist organization Islamic state target to combat. Syria’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement strongly condemning the cross-border military action in Turkey is a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of Syria.相关的主题文章: