Trump said part of the preservation of health care reform of the United States media began to

Trump said the U.S. media: part of the reservation reform began to retreat – Sohu news [Global Times reported] from the promise to Trump "started to retreat from the campaign promises, the 11 day he told" the Wall Street journal "interview" will keep part of "Obama’s health care reform, despite the election he had called Obama’s health" a disaster". 11 Trump told "the Wall Street journal" said in an interview, he will be implemented shortly after the deal includes "modify" Obama health care reform bill, the deregulation of the financial regulatory agencies and strengthen border controls, "improved" international trade agreements between the United States had signed. Has Trump begun to retreat from his campaign promises?" CNN12, said Trump in an interview with CBS television also said that the reform of health care to be extended to more people, "Trump publicly shows a compromise on the policy of the United States," said mr". Reported that 10 in the Capitol Hill, a reporter asked Trump, whether to allow Congress to pass a ban on Muslim immigration bill?" Trump seemed to hear, but only to say thank you quickly left the scene. Analysts here believe that some of Trump’s campaign promises can be cashed, some to discount, while others can not be achieved. For example, in immigration policy, Trump can revoke the Obama to help illegal immigrants to achieve the American dream of the children’s Dream Act to curb certain types of legal immigrant visa. But he can’t build a wall on the border with Mexico without congress. As for Obama’s universal health insurance, repeal is easy, but it is difficult to come up with an alternative plan, which will lead to about 20 million people lose health insurance. "Black box" Trump ", the German media said that Trump in the general election has continued for several months Merkel bashing is" the destruction of the German people ", his team also produced a" campaign piece of Germany is a bad example, "warned Muslims blocking wave of refugees. After the election, he still denied Merkel’s immigration policy, but also praised her as a great world leader". NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg 12 Trump warned: "no matter in Europe or the United States, it is no good." "The Russians and not because of Trump’s victory and deep sigh", "Russian Caucasus vanguard" 13 said, Russia is most concerned about Trump’s future foreign policy uncertainty, "so far, he remarks about foreign policy is still confusing and contradictory." "Trump is a novice in politics. He is unknown, thus unable to predict, the Russian Academy of Sciences Far East Research Institute deputy director Ostrovsky 12, Russian news agency said, the campaign slogan is one thing, the national decision-making is another. "Therefore, I do not believe that Trump will take extreme action against China in the near future." [global times in the United States, Japan, Germany special correspondent Sun Weichi blue song of Solomon Aoki Liu Yupeng Zheng Xuan]相关的主题文章: