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Trump Michel said the fanjiuzhang taunt Hilary face fast "according to Xinhua news agency, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump 21 in North Carolina, a campaign will be aimed at the first lady Michel · Obama, after challenge with Democratic presidential candidate Hilary · Clinton, her face quickly irony". Michel Trump is a rare make impertinent remarks recording door after exposure, Michel last week in a campaign for Hilary on the platform, shelling Trump by using profanity insulting to women, cause a high degree of concern. Trump 21 to fight back to Michel. He told the crowd: "I’d like to see how much she likes Hilary. Isn’t she the first to say this: if you don’t manage your own family, how do you manage the White House and even the whole country?" Hilary and Obama competition in 2008 Democratic presidential candidate for the party nomination, Michel in a for female voters canvassing activities such "deficit" Hilary, resonate. Obama beat Hilary in the end to win the primary. Trump continued, "it was all she started. I said, ‘that’s too bad, we don’t have to say’, but she said, we didn’t hear anybody else." According to The Associated Press, Trump in the campaign has been to avoid confrontation with Michel, because the latter’s negative news rarely, widely loved by voters, the support rate is much higher than her husband and a lot of her own, and so on. Trump’s support rate unexpectedly rose in the 19 end of the third debate, Trump for suggesting that refused to recognize the election results incurred criticism, but also caused many voters resonate. The latest polls show that the gap between him and Hilary not only did not increase, but narrowed. A poll released on the 21 day of the Reuters and the Ipsos group showed Hilary’s support rate is 44%, Trump is 40%. The poll was implemented 14 to 20 this month. Compared to the previous week, the same poll, Trump’s support rate rose 3%, led by nearly half of the decline in the size of the Hilary. The poll also showed that 63% of respondents, including the Republican Party of 1/3, believe that Trump had sexual harassment of women’s black history". Trump in the last televised debate unwilling to declare whether the November 8th election will recognize the results of the vote, saying that to leave a little suspense". He then changed, will fully accept the election results, but the premise is that he win. If the results are dubious, he will retain the right to legal challenge.相关的主题文章: