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Tour of more than and 40 people 11 people using false: 8 disability certificate 7 false – Sohu news police remind the sale are the highest illegal use of false arrest 15 and fined according to the travel special train prior to the news release, the total travel Zhangye Danxia, Tianshan Tianchi, Cara curry lake, xiangfeimu, mosque, rob village, poplar, Karez, Grape Valley attractions such as statistical adult ticket costs 785 yuan, if it is 70 years old is only 320 yuan, and if the hand disability certificate, certificate, certificate of officers in the residue, can be removed from most of the tickets. Zhangye city Linze County police station to remind the Ni Jia, according to public security administration punishment law article fifty-second, the sale or use of forged or altered state organs, people’s organizations, enterprises, institutions or other organizations documents, certificates and certification documents, more than 10 days to 15 days in detention, may impose a fine of 1000 yuan; if the circumstances are relatively minor, more than 5 days to 10 days detention, may impose a fine of 500 yuan. "The use of false minimum penalty of administrative detention is also considered, but is used to tourists, is to free tickets, so they confiscated and oral education." Police remind, are illegal sale and use of false, the public must not be luck. In September 4th, a tourist train from Chengdu to the northwest, opened the 12 day tour "". However, at the first station of Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, part of the tourists because of the use of false, a dispute with other scenic spots, tourists also therefore delayed the trip. Chengdu Daily reporter learned from the local police, in September 5th, a group of elderly tourists, police confiscated 26 false, including 8 in the residual disability certificate, certificate 15, fake ID 3. Police remind, are illegal sale and use of false, visitors must not be luck. The tour guide tourists buy tickets collecting documents 8 7 disability certificate is false in September 4th, Mr. Li boarded the travel special train, the 12 day of the trip, a total of 20 regiments, after Zhangye, Urumqi, Kashi and other places. However, when arriving at the Danxia National Geopark in Zhangye, there are passengers to take out fake documents to vote. "The night tour told the meeting." He said that such behavior is a shame. Before retirement, Mr. Wu is a police car with false tickets for tourists, he was ashamed to walk with them. Mr. Wu was in the group 20, arrived at the entrance of the National Geopark in Zhangye, Danxia, the tour guide began to collect visitors to prepare for tickets to buy tickets, a group of a total of 45 people, then received a total of 8 disability certificate." Wu saw the tour guide put the document in the bag, I wonder why so many." He said, some people on the road is not disabled alive and kicking. Sure enough, the tour guide to the ticket window not long back, "she said there are 7 false, these people call ticket." Mr. Wu said that these disabilities should be a few years ago, these trustees do, but in 2014 the Ministry of civil affairs after the replacement, the new disability certificates have security chip, you can search the internet. He said the scenic confiscated fake documents, this group of people began to shout and make trouble, until the scenic said相关的主题文章: