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UnCategorized The capital city of Nepal is Kathmando enriched with temples. Kathmandu is not big when one .pares it to other cities in South Asia. Kathmandu is a old city where pagodas, narrow cobbled lanes, old carved windows, and stone shrines are backdrops to the drama of life that continues. Tool where found in the Kathmandu Valley indicating that people had lived in the Himalayan region for 9000years. Nepal is divided into three areas Hill Terai, Regions and the Mountains. The highest mountain in the world Mount Everest is found in the mountain region situated between Tibet and Nepal. Television was introduced to Nepal in the 1980s and have six television broadcasting channels. The country is rich in vegetation. Certain varieties of rhododendron and orchids are only found in Nepal. The red rhododendron Lali Guras is Nepal national flower. Spring and Autumn are the best time to see the rhododendron flowers on the hills. Koshi Tappu has over 250 species of birds including snow cock, snow pigeon, saras crane and the Impeyean pheasant which is the national bird. Every year birds migrate from Siberia the northern mountain and Tibet to the lowlands and Terai. Late autumn and early spring is best for watching the migratory habitats. When shopping Nepal it is best to have a Nepali for .pany. The most popular buys are local artwork and crafts. Hand weaved cotton fabric are also popular. When buying trinket like jewellery and gems you have to be careful assessing their quality is difficult. Fresh tea and spices are bought by tourist too. There are government restrictions that visitors should be aware of before purchasing items to take home. Antiques are not permitted to be taken out of the country. Hence inspection by the Department of Archaeology is required for export of antiques. Nepali culture is very similar to the cultures of Tibet, and India. There are similarities in food, clothing and language. A typical Nepali meal is dal-bhat boiled dal served with vegetables and rice. This is eating twice a day, once in the morning and again after sunset. Some time snacks such as chiura beaten rice and tea are eaten. Eggs fish and meat are a treat to eat. Tongba is a millet based alcoholic drink. Most artwork in Nepal is based on religion and has been since very early times. The artwork range from famous paintings of Thanks Newari Paubha and Buddhist. Kathmandu valley, houses a number of museums and art galleries displaying artwork About the Author: 相关的主题文章: