Tonight large cooling area may snow

Tonight large cooling area may snow mountain city weather forecast, tonight, a strong cold air entry in our city, great intensity of cooling, more than 1500 meters high altitude area may drift, tomorrow in winter. Yesterday, the sun bid farewell to the main city, mainly cloudy, the maximum temperature of 19.7 degrees, slightly lower than the previous day’s 22 degrees. Yesterday, as of 4 p.m., a total of 6 areas in the city visibility below 1000 meters fog. The city meteorological observatory forecast that the big cooling down at night will come, and the daytime average temperature will drop 6~9 degrees centigrade, and the minimum temperature will decrease to 8~11 centigrade in the most part of the daytime during the daytime of 9. The cooling process in the middle and east parts of areas with heavy rain to heavy rain, the altitude of 1500 meters above the mountain area a large area of snow. During the cooling period just ushered in the winter solar term. In November 7th this year the beginning of winter, the winter astronomy as the beginning of winter, in accordance with the division of our country to climatology, delayed 20 days before winter. The city has yet to winter. In the first year the winter time is 1976 November 13th, a late winter in 1977 December 27th. 3 day forecast: today, South Central and Western and southeastern cloudy with light rain, the rest cloudy with light rain, a large area of 12 to 21 DEG C, Chengkou and Southeast 10 ~ 19 degree. The main urban area is overcast with intermittent light rain, 17~19 degrees centigrade. Tomorrow, cloudy day around a small to moderate rain, heavy rain in some areas, local heavy rainfall, large areas of 9 to 19 DEG C, and Chengkou southeast of 7 to 15 DEG C. The main city is moderate rain, 11~18 degrees centigrade. The next day, around the cloudy with light to moderate rain, local heavy rain southeast region 7 to 13 DEG C, Chengkou and Southeast 5 ~ 10 DEG C. The main urban area is light rain, 10~12 degrees centigrade.

今夜开始大降温 高山地区可能飘雪  市气象台预报,今夜,一股强冷空气入境我市,带来大强度降温,1500米以上高海拔地区可能大面积飘,明天迎来立冬。  昨日,阳光告别主城,以阴天为主,最高气温为19.7℃,较前日的22℃略有下滑。昨天截至下午4时,我市共有6个地区出现能见度低于1000米的雾。  市气象台预报,今天夜间大降温要来了,至9日白天,各地日平均气温将下降6~9℃,大部地区最低气温将降至8~11℃。降温过程中,中东部部分地区有大雨到暴雨,海拔1500米以上高山地区可能大面积飘雪。  在降温期间,刚好迎来节气立冬。今年立冬在11月7日,天文学上把立冬作为冬季的开始,按照气候学划分,我国要推迟20天左右才入冬。全市目前还未入冬。主城最早一年入冬时间是1976年的11月13日,最晚一次入冬在1977年的12月27日。  3天预报:  今天,中西部偏南及东南部阴天有小雨,其余地区阴天转小雨,大部地区12~21℃,城口及东南部10~19℃。主城区阴天转间断小雨,17~19℃。  明天,各地阴天有小到中雨,部分地区大雨,局部暴雨,大部地区9~19℃,城口及东南部7~15℃。主城区中雨,11~18℃。  后天,各地阴天有小到中雨,东南部局部大雨,大部地区7~13℃,城口及东南部5~10℃。主城区小雨,10~12℃。相关的主题文章: