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Tokyo Olympic Games trapped in the struggle for power whirlpool   staged "card house" – Inner Mongolia Channel – People’s network in 2016 in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo played super Mario. (picture) with the status of preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games activities and twists and turns. Japanese finance minister Taro Aso said this week, "Tokyo Olympics" is not "the Japanese Olympic Games", the attitude of shirking the burden of funding is obvious, causing discontent in Tokyo. At present, Tokyo governor Koike Yuriko pushing the venue replacement program, by political rival, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee President Yoshiro Mori strongly opposed. The Andouble administration not only do more planning taking advantage of the Olympic Games, gained political dividends. Japanese media commented that the Tokyo Olympic Games has a situation of tripartite confrontation, staged a reality version of "house of cards". [hot potato] Asou 11, Tokyo Olympic Games budget to significantly increase a voice: "by the Tokyo International Olympic Committee and negotiation is the only way." This statement was interpreted by the media as the government negative response. According to the Tokyo government reform of the Department of investigation report submitted in September 29th, the Tokyo Olympic Games cost estimates will reach 3 trillion yen (about 194 billion 500 million yuan), compared to the end of 2015, the organizing committee estimates of 1 trillion and 800 billion yen (116 billion 700 million yuan) increased significantly. Tokyo are keen to be able to clear the responsibility of the central government in the Olympic Games, the allocation of distribution, detailed cost sharing. In this regard, Ma said: This is the Tokyo Olympic Games is not the Olympic Games in Japan, our basic position is to provide assistance in terms of immigration management." Prime Minister Abe Shinzo 12, also said: Tokyo are leading the preparatory work for the Olympic Games (held in the event) basis." The Andouble administration’s stance is a shock to Tokyo. Tokyo political reform, the head of the investigation team, Keio University professor Kamiyama Nobuhito described the Japanese government to take a new world record". "The government does not have any rights and obligations in the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games to do what the minister?" Go up to the mountain. [War Within Three Kingdoms] Tokyo governor Bach is scheduled for 18 small and International Olympic Committee chairman talks to exchange views on spending cuts. The pond was originally attached to the Liberal Democratic Party Yoshiro Mori faction, for the 2008 election despite the opposition Liberal Democratic Party President, breaking ties with Yoshiro Mori. Two people with fire and water potential, as a result of the Tokyo Olympic Games to sit together, no less current debate. Tokyo government reform of the Department was established in September 1st on the same day, served as Minister of the Koike said to Yoshiro Mori as president of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee included in the survey, to check whether it is in the measure of the effective supervision of funds. Due to the substantial increase in funding, 80% of the people in favor of amending the existing venue plan. According to small ideas, swimming, rowing and canoeing volleyball abolished three Olympic venues construction plans, to replace the existing venues, to reduce the budget. Yoshiro Mori strongly opposed this, warning: "small venues has been recognized by International Olympic Committee, each have their own reasons for venue construction. We are not affiliated institutions in Tokyo, the consequences of the replacement of the stadium." Abe side, sitting on the mountain view of the tiger fight)相关的主题文章: