To have a good sleep, try some

Have a good sleep some music first try this bone conduction pillow for many people, music can not only help us to ease the mood, not easy to sleep in the case can also help us a helping hand. But when you want to listen to music while sleeping or how much trouble, first of all, if you do not want to disturb other people to sleep, you certainly can not open the speaker. But if wearing a headset, often in the fall asleep after the headset line is under pressure after the break. A Dreampad intelligent music pillow, through bone conduction technology, so that only pillow people can hear the music, to help us sleep at ease. The principle of Dreampad intelligent music pillow is through the Intrasound technology, the music sounds into a gentle vibration, then it will be directly around the ear, the inner ear directly into our brains, compared with the headset sleep, this process will make the signal the nervous system is more relaxed, but also because of our body and mind become more calm. Using the method of Dreampad intelligent music pillow is also very simple, we can connect any audio equipment through the built-in Dreampad or Bluetooth headset plug connection, to play the music you love, but according to the user, the pillow hair out sounds like it came from a cave filled with cotton, a little stuffy to sleep side to get a better reception. In addition, Dreampad and the corresponding APP, there are 5 different music program, used to guide us to sleep. Dreampad smart music pillow in addition to allowing the pillow to play music, the pillow itself as a basic literacy is quite good. It is understood that the Dreampad is only 5 cm thick, feels very fluffy, which makes it possible and general pillow together into the pillowcase, and Dreampad is also equipped with a microfiber pillow for replacement and cleaning. However, it is said that in fact, sleeping on the pillow will feel the electronic components inside, if it is like a Pea Princess, I am afraid even if listening to music, the same will be the electronic components of the diaphragm should not sleep.相关的主题文章: