To enjoy the theater level viewing – tourism Sohu in the United States Haoli noiseware

In the United States to enjoy the theater level Haoli viewing – Sohu previously has been heard love tourism hotel Buddy Holly brought beauty, facilities, holiday price is surprisingly high, has been long to feel something, the revisit treasure land Wuxi, accidentally discovered in Wuxi opened a new a beautiful hotel, convenient traffic, is preferred. Beautiful hotel is beautiful city Resort Hotel Ho group experience to build, follow the "home want to go to the hotel" concept, the whole experience seems to have a house of intimacy, in downtown Wuxi, to create a natural log style The Inn Boutique out of the ordinary. Living in the fast-paced life environment, feel the natural leisure has become more precious, see the gray brick wood cement wall, are natural and comfortable, "return" is a word used here is just perfect. Is located in the subway line 2 Jinghai station near the beautiful hotel, from the WuXi Railway Station, south of The Strip, or the Temple district are not far, about 10 minutes by car. From the WuXi Railway Station to take a taxi, the earlier the door does not appear crowded, in front of the staff as I opened the door and put his hands under the roof, this move is very close, then help the baggage. A door has a hint of fragrance, it is the check-in area of the right hand side is filled with a basket full of fresh fruit for guests at random. In addition to some daily necessities and small objects, hairpin, AIDS, children’s slippers, etc. for use mosquito repellent. The staff told me to pass the hot towel to wipe hands, in the rain after distressed me, this thing is very warm. Check in is very fast, in front to confirm the signing before I check the basic information is accurate, and the hotel probably made an intuitive introduction, especially prompted the two floor of the restaurant provides free afternoon tea and evening tea, and inform the use of time. The card room upstairs, located on the 11 floor, the room is not the traditional design, open the connection area wash and dry wet separation bedroom bathroom, slightly retro style collocation, decorated with ancient natural ecological park, fresh style, taste of high-end style. Browse through intelligent devices everywhere, central air-conditioning system, special room temperature; electric curtain; LETV Internet ecosystem is recommended, as well as YAMAHA surround sound audio, this is really a value for more than and 300 of the price, will inevitably be some rain lazy cancer attack, do not want to go out, then you can just choose a few in one room, a cup of coffee and enjoy the cinema viewing and listening. Evening collocation prepared cookies, a good night milk tank, natural color will be better. The room is more spacious than the imagination, a person is very comfortable. The room with a smell of coffee, look carefully, the original is placed under a desk with a tray of coffee powder, finally found the origin of fragrant. In addition, the United States to choose the Royal baland Haoli mattress imports, high density silk satin, soft bedding bedding clean white moderate, more important is very delicate, to ensure a good night’s sleep. Long wooden.相关的主题文章: