To cut costs, HSBC froze recruitment and salary increase in 2016-nvidia geforce gt 740m

To cut costs and raise the recruitment freeze in 2016 HSBC Tencent financial news according to Bloomberg news, January 31st HSBC spokeswoman, Europe’s biggest bank holding the bank pointed out that this year will be in the global scope and salary as a hiring freeze, and strive to complete the part of the annual cost cuts up to $5 billion before 2017. In an e-mailed statement, HSBC spokeswoman Gillian · James pointed out that the flag staff received last Friday the contents include the memo. He said, "as we say in the" investor update ", we have developed to slash costs by the end of 2017 target." Last June, HSBC’s chief executive Ou Zhihua proposed a plan for three years, plans to cut costs by contracting the company huge global network, including the closure of loss of business, and plans to cut nearly 1/5 jobs will be 1/3 reduction in the size of the business of investment bank. The reason to do so, in order to improve profitability by cutting costs and returns to shareholders. Last October, a person familiar with the matter said in an interview with the Reuters, the HSBC Investment Bank in London contract staff salary by 10%, and the cost control for this effort. Downsizing is thought to the best way to boost the price. Several other big European lenders, including Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, in order to adapt to the regulatory capital requirements of layoffs tens of thousands of people are more stringent in the selection process. Last October, the bank’s chief executive Tan Tianzhong said in an annual meeting, Credit Suisse will save 3 billion 500 million francs spending before the end of 2018, and more than 5000 jobs in the global scope, and in the London area, there will be about 1800 jobs to India such a low cost area. Last week, according to Bloomberg, British bank Barclays plans to launch a new round of layoffs, to NYC, London and Asian employees, the Asian disaster. In addition, Barclays will postpone the release of bonus, bonus pool last year to cut at least 10%. The British "times" reported that the Barclay plan within two years of layoffs of more than 30 thousand people. (Mi Na)

为削减成本 汇丰冻结2016年招聘和涨薪腾讯财经讯 据彭博社报道,1月31日,欧洲最大银行汇丰控股的女发言人指出,该银行今年将在全球范围内冻结招聘和薪资,作为力争在2017年之前完成最高达50亿美元的年度成本削减计划的一部分。在电子邮件声明中,汇丰女发言人吉莉安·詹姆士指出,旗下员工在上周五就已收到包含上述内容的备忘录。他说,“正如我们在‘投资者更新’中所说,我们已经制定了到2017年年底大幅削减成本的目标。”去年6月份,汇丰首席执行官欧智华提出了一项为期三年的计划,计划通过收缩公司庞大的全球网络来削减成本,包括关闭亏损的业务,并计划削减将近五分之一的职位将投资银行业务规模缩减三分之一。之所以这么做,是为了通过削减成本来提高利润率和股东回报。去年10月份,一位知情人士曾在接受路透社采访时表示,当时汇丰伦敦投行部门合同员工薪酬下调了10%,这与该行控制成本的努力相符。裁员被认为是能够提振股价的最好办法。其他数家大型欧洲贷款商,包括瑞信和德意志银行,在适应资本监管要求更严格的过程中都选择裁员数千人。去年十月份,瑞信首席执行官谭天忠在一次年度会议上表示,瑞信将在2018年底前节省35亿瑞郎开支,并在全球范围内裁员5000多人,而在伦敦地区,将有约1800个职位转移至印度这样的低成本地区。上周,据彭博社报道,英国老牌银行巴克莱计划开展新一轮裁员,涉及纽约、伦敦和亚洲的员工,其中亚洲为重灾区。此外,巴克莱将推迟宣布奖金情况,奖金池较去年削减至少10%。英国《泰晤士报》曾报道称,巴克莱计划两年内裁员逾3万人。(米娜)相关的主题文章: