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Home-Improvement When mattress shopping, consumers often assume that the only way to buy memory foam mattress is to go directly to a retail location. This method of trying to buy memory foam mattress is certainly beneficial in many ways, but it is important to also consider online options as well. If you buy mattress online, there are a range of options and price cuts that can make the experience far better than buying a memory foam mattress at a retail store. Buy Mattress Online vs. In-Store Experience For many, the thought of trying to buy mattress online can be scary. Many consumers would first like to test a memory foam mattress in a store before they buy memory foam mattress. However, retail stores simply do not have enough options for consumers, nor do they always have the highest quality products. Many are pushing old stock and pushing customers to buy memory foam mattress that may be low quality but yield them a high commission. An article from Best Mattress Reviews indicates that only 71% of consumers were actually completely satisfied with their retail purchased mattress, while 78% of consumers were satisfied who opted to buy mattress online. Deciding to buy memory foam mattress thus should not be limited to the in-store experience, but should include searching to buy mattress online as well. Testing Your Future Memory Foam Mattress Online retailers are aware that many customers would still like to test their memory foam mattress first. Thus, many online retailers have a generous return policy that allows the consumer to fully test their memory foam mattress in their own home before making a decision. In fact, online retailers generally have a better return policy for the memory foam mattress because they understand that the memory foam mattress has a unique feel that may not be suitable to everyone. Companies want customers to be re-assured that when they buy mattress online they are still given the same opportunities and benefits as an in-store experience. Online Research Can Lead to a Higher Quality Memory Foam Mattress When you buy mattress online, you can thoroughly research a range of options and information regarding your future memory foam mattress. When you buy memory foam mattress, you should be well aware of the quality and specifics of your future memory foam mattress. Pushy salesmen at a showroom, however, often fail to inform the consumer of important information, such as the IFD rating, the manufacturing origin of the memory foam mattress, and the chemicals used to treat the memory foam mattress. An online retailer will have all this information available online when you buy mattress online. Online retailers realize they dont have sales representatives to provide knowledge of a product, so they generally try to include as much information as possible regarding their memory foam mattress to aid the consumer in making a decision whether to buy. Buy Mattress Online to Save Money The memory foam mattress is generally cheaper to buy online than in a retail store. When you buy mattress online, you cut the middle man no pushy sales reps or expensive store location. The memory foam mattress is thus cheaper as the online site will generally pass on savings directly to the consumer. Often times you can buy memory foam mattress for only a few hundred dollars from online sites, while a showroom will charge you thousands. Get the Best Deal Possible When you buy memory foam mattress, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. To go from store to store can be a tiresome and arduous process. When you buy mattress online, you can see many types of the memory foam mattress and compare prices easily among sites. The ease of online shopping is far superior to any in-store mattress shopping experience. For more information, visit About the Author: Meredith Wallace is a University of Florida graduate who works in blogging and social media. Meredith currently resides in London, England, where she is completing a Masters in Comparative Literature at University College London. When not writing for various online publications, Meredith enjoys her time by travelling, a passion she has been lucky enough to pursue. Her past travels have included parts of Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Nepal. One day she hopes to combine her passion fo Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Home-Improvement 相关的主题文章: