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Travel-and-Leisure Activities to Try During Your Barbados Vacation During a vacation to the tropical island of Barbados you will discover landscapes of great natural beauty, wildlife and lush flora, fields of sugar cane, abundant forests and green hills. On the southern and the western parts of Barbados you can discover spacious sandy beaches which are perfect for various water activities like fishing, sailing, scuba diving, water skiing kayaking and jet skiing. The island is surrounded by some large coral reefs with numerous shipwrecks and many species of fish are to be found in the waters. For swimming and sunbathing, the best beaches from this island are Batts Rock Beach Cattlewash, Goding Bay Malibu, Accra Beach, Gibbes Bat and Foul Bay. Inside the island, a multitude of walks are possible on foot, by bicycle or on horseback in the forests including the Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station". Other exciting activities that you can practice on your Barbados vacation are golf, climbing, tennis or the national sport, the cricket. Treat Yourself with a Barbados Golf Vacation Barbados is the green paradise of golfers in search of winter sun. Barbados has the most greens in the Caribbean, offering the tourists no less than seven courses. One of the most fashionable resorts where you can play golf in Barbados is Sandy Lane, with its 45 holes and the Green Monkey course designed by the famous Tom Fazio. Sandy Lane is a luxury hotel which has undergone recent renovation and it is located in an old house from the 60s. Now, Sandy Lane is the most sophisticated golf facility of the region. You can also get a golf vacation at Hotel Bentley, where you will experience true .fort. Here, a subtle ambience is created with the help of the precious ceramics and the white coral walls. In the bathrooms heated mirrors were specially installed and a huge marble bath adjacent to a multi-jet shower invites you to enjoy the benefits of Penhaligon’s products, directly imported from London. Save Some Money on Your Barbados Vacation The splendid beaches from Barbados can be very alluring, but usually the price for a journey there might not be always very attractive. However, there are various ways to secure an inexpensive tropical vacation. One of the most important tips in cutting the travel expenses is booking your vacation off-season, avoiding the peak season from December through April. Even if the hotels and resorts are generally advertised with breathtaking photos, you can get the sane views by renting rooms in a private villa. Skipping the restaurants makes sense if you want to save during your Barbados vacation. You can go and explore the local markets, do your own shopping and enjoy your private meals with your family or friends. When it .es to drinking, you can try out the local rum, which will introduce you to the traditions of the country and save you money. Getting a Cruise Barbados Vacation One ideal place to get on a cruise in Barbados is Bridgetown, the capital of this tropical island. No matter you use it as a departure point or just for a stopover, this city is perfect for renting sailboats and enjoying a cruise in the turquoise Caribbean Sea. From December to April, the wind blows ideally regular and the tourists who rent boats can sail away with the strong breeze from the northeast to the southwest of the island. For the Barbados people the main source of revenue is tourism and thus, the tourists will find here a wide range of activities to participate in. All types of water sports are accessible and can satisfy any taste of any visitor: surfing, windsurfing, fishing, kite surfing and jet skiing are just a few of them. The catamaran cruises are also available in Barbados, whether on a large or a small catamaran and in many places of the coast, the water sports centers rent catamarans for a certain time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: