Three lane seven Lane parking fees adjustment of the 3! Free parking in

Three lane seven Lane parking fees adjustment of the 3! Free parking in Fuzhou from October 25th onwards, to three square Lane seven parking spots attention! In view of the three lanes and seven lane is located in the city center, an open scenic area, scenic area with the construction of limited parking spaces, surrounding social vehicles, parking supply and demand contradiction, the Municipal Price Bureau decided to Macao west area of ground and underground parking lot, Ukraine mountain ground parking lot, parking fees for drying factory temporary adjustment. It is reported that Macao west of ground and underground parking lot, Ukraine mountain ground parking lot, drying the three factory temporary parking lot parking lot, parking fees are as follows: 1 15 minutes of free time, 2 cars parked in 1 hours, each car parking charges 5 yuan, 3 more than 1 hours, every 30 minutes for a billing unit, a charging unit according to a billing unit, during the day (7:30~19:30) 2 yuan per night (30 minutes charge, 19:30~ 7:30 the next day) charges 1 yuan per 30 minutes. Remind the Municipal Price Bureau, in a billing unit of time, stop time across the day and night two hours during the day, the day of the entry vehicle according to accounting standards, the night of the vehicle according to the standard approach of night billing. Car parked within 24 hours of the highest charge of $50; after 24 hours to re charge the above standards. For more than 12 (including 12) passenger cars, approved the carrying capacity of 2 tons (including more than 2 tons) more than a truck parked, according to the occupancy of the small parking fees in two. What are the free parking spaces in Fuzhou? Collect! Free parking in Fuzhou urban area, the Drum Tower District, the first is the heart of Fuzhou – Gulou District, the taste of parking place, presumably we all understand, but nothing, or you can find a free place. For example, 54 ~ ~ view of Feng Ting around the parking lot, the number of parking spaces 70, parking in the road to 54 children can pay attention to; Kimcheon road parking in the province near the 40 figure, the number of parking spaces and parking lot; Wufeng Copper Road: first Wufeng LAN Ting stage six parking lot, car number 12; Fengwu home is located near the East Gate parking lot, Wufeng LAN Ting, the number of parking spaces 40; Gulou District parking lot outside the prime minister Fang kindergarten, the number of parking spaces 20; the prime minister road along the street parking lot number 30; No. 6 Gulou District Wufeng Street software Avenue, Greenland court in the parking lot 12; Gulou District of Wufeng Mei Street Liulu street parking lot, parking number 20; left furniture city parking lot car number 40; Copper Road along the street, 20 parking spaces; at Lu Yonghui, the number of parking spaces 22. Jiangcuo Road: Fujian Shooting Sports Center parking lot 13 parking spaces; Jiangcuo Road Gulou District No. 80 parking lot number 70; Fuzhou Longwen education campus lake before the temporary street parking lot number 80; Gulou District Court auspicious clouds Tea Club parking lot car number: 30; ZIWEIXING health service the center parking lot car number 30; provincial lake front parking lot outside the car number 110; Gulou District of Whampoa  port parking lot number 26; Fuquan Garden parking lot car number 30; Huarong hospital parking lot number 8; there are 30 free parking spaces also Gulou District street outside the supermarket Wufeng copper sky tower; Wufeng street district;相关的主题文章: