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In those years,   G20–IT–; original title: global concern over those years, global concern over the G20 in the group of twenty (G20) leaders of the eleventh summit will pull the curtain on the eve of the opening of the general assembly in Hangzhou China, this reporter for you to sort out the history of G20 with you in advance approached G20 ~5 September 4, 2016, the upcoming G20 the Hangzhou summit of global concern. From today, this newspaper will publish a series of special report, ups and downs, showing the G20 China voice, China claims to authority angle high-end experts, interpretation of the G20 summit in "Chinese scheme", Chinese image, Chinese contribution. G20 what is it? G20 is what we often say that the group of twenty, is an international forum for economic cooperation, in September 25, 1999 by the G8 finance ministers (G8) was set up in Berlin, Washington held the first session of the G20 summit, the informal dialogue mechanism, just by the finance ministers and central bank governors attended. After the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008, the G20 meeting was promoted to the summit of leaders. According to the Convention, the International Monetary Fund and the world bank to attend the G20 meeting. What are the members of G20? G20 members from the original group of eight and the remaining 12 important economies. America: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Chinese Asia: Japan, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia: European Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the European Union in Oceania: Australia Africa: why G20 has non south? The aim of G20 is to prevent the Asian financial turmoil again, the developed countries and emerging market countries dialogue, in order to facilitate international financial and monetary stability, seek cooperation and promote world economic stability and sustained growth. G20 members covering a wide range of representative, GDP accounted for 90% of the global economy, the trade volume accounted for about 80% of the world, has become the main platform to promote international economic cooperation and promote world economic recovery. Who is the host? In addition to the European Union, 19 countries are divided into 5 groups, each year by the host countries to take turns. When it comes to a group, the host country has the intention to host the country, if there are two or more countries have intention, you need to coordinate. The first group: China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea second group: France, Germany and Italy, British Argentina, Brazil, the third group: Mexico fourth group: India, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, the fifth group: the United States, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia where G20 is held? Washington: November 2008 London: April 2009 Pittsburgh: September 2009 Toronto Canada: June 2010 South Korea Seoul: November 2010 Cannes France: November 2011 Mexico Los Cusworth: June 2012 Russia St Petersburg: September 2013 Leah Australia Brisbane: November 2014 Turkey antaly)相关的主题文章: