This app can show where the water quality is good and indicate the source of pollution

The APP can display the water where good and prompt pollution source Tencent digital news (chares) drinking a lot of severe pollution water is unaware, this is a lot of people can not imagine things, but this is the nightmare happened two years ago in the U.S. state of Michigan special forint residents, due to local government officials save money, no longer use the Huron source of drinking water, and from the Flint River direct access, but the river was a large amount of lead and other harmful heavy metal pollution, leads to the later tragedy, Flint residents because of drinking the water containing hazardous chemicals, the occurrence of skin lesions, hair loss, eyesight and body depression and anxiety disorders, and even patients suffered from permanent neurological damage. Although things have two years later, they dare not forget this incident, we are worried that the same tragedy will repeat itself, in order to make similar things do not occur, the founder of Connected Future Montgomery neuroscientist Sean Labs, who is also the company’s CEO, he also invented the called CitizenSpring, mobile APP, let people easily the test of water quality Montgomery family said: "when I first learned that flint water pollution incident lead to permanent brain damage, kidney problems were shocked, but after a year past, I found that this is not just a flint area, according to the analysis report of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, light in 2014 America there are more than 40 states of water heavy metal lead and lead content exceed the standard, Beav lint area is also high, this let the people know this is a Very serious and urgent problems." In order to help people solve this problem, Montgomery like a lot of ways, he also tried to let local governments pay attention to monitoring and improving the local water quality problems, but perhaps APP is the most appropriate way, he found that the intelligent mobile phone through the 2019 survey, the intelligent mobile phone users will reach 236 million, to reach the national total 71%, this seems to be the most efficient, simple scheme and lowest cost, he hopes that APP can make people convenient to test the automatic faucet, water dispenser and water from other sources, users also need to spend 65 yuan to buy a tester, placing it in the water, it will send the data to a detector APP, to analyze the next step. The development of the APP Montgomery and his team can not only realize the monitoring of water pollution data of lead metal, it can be used to analyze the results, automatically determine whether the heavy metal pollution of water in the safety range of EPA, the operation is very simple, only need to take a mobile phone, press the test button, the APP can also be normal operation even when offline, another very important point is that this APP Crowdsourcing database will be based on the test of the location test results will be uploaded to the cloud, and draw the map, one hand on the contaminated area to remind local residents that water quality in the near, one hand to solve the water pollution problem to collect data Ms.相关的主题文章: