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Think of the U.S. media to respond to the 360 thousand vote I shrunk: check account to vote in favour of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million [] of the people’s livelihood securities related tear Simei media: investors 350 thousand shares against why not wing and fly singmei 350 thousand against the media friends propaganda Shenzhen disappear: looking forward to "investigate" the each reporter Shen Wei in September 8th, the complainant Mr. Wang told the "daily economic news" reporter said, in July 8th this year, he think of the U.S. media ((002712, SZ)) the provisional shareholders’ meeting resolution voted against the number of shares. A total of about 360 thousand shares (two accounts are divided into approximately 160 thousand shares, nearly 200 thousand shares), and recently he suddenly found that the listed company announcements, the two times against the highest resolution statistics only 147 thousand Shares. And think of the U.S. media card on behalf of the "daily economic news" reporter said, after verification, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and corporate data by comparing the statistical data without error. So, there is a listed company in the presence of the votes of the statistical error, or did not truthfully report the number of brokers? Investors questioned: my vote was changed? According to Mr Wang publicly complained that in March this year due to the existence of the company expected gaosongzhuan, Mr. Wang through two accounts in Minsheng securities are buying 163650 shares and 197700 shares of Simei media circulation stock, then the stock suspension at the beginning of April. July 8, 2016, the United States and the media to convene a general meeting of shareholders to consider the motion of two. The "on the planning a major asset restructuring suspension expires apply to continue the suspension bill", finally agreed to attend the meeting for 26981694 shares, voting shares of 146691 shares accounted for 99.4593%; opposition, attended the meeting of the voting shares of 0.5407%; "on the change of the company’s registered capital and the amendment of the articles of association of the motion of" results, against 115791 shares, accounting for attending the meeting of the voting shares 0.0662%. According to the general meeting of the U.S. media general meeting resolution announced the results show that the resumption of extension. Mr. Wang said, because of dissatisfaction with the company to suspend their day long, the two motions were voted against. Mr. Wang said his two accounts hold about 360 thousand shares, but the number of objections to the two bills are less than this figure. He once thought that their vote may not be counted or statistics is changed, leading to the final data error. He also said that the people’s livelihood securities gave me the answer is: the company’s host query, commissioned a success, there is no report in the past single possible." On the other hand, after the feedback of listed companies, said: after checking with the Shenzhen Securities Information Co., ltd.. For the above two results contrary to the reply, Mr. Wang said that he had a screenshot of the page in the vote at the time, did not submit a confirmation vote errors, "the present is still in the verification process, the complaint issued after there is no one to give me feedback, being inconvenient to publish other remarks." Company: check the account voted in favor of the complaint相关的主题文章: