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Science Owning an exotic pet is not an easy task. You will need to know the specifics of how these pets need to be cared for and their natural food habits. Additionally, these pets require added attention and care when they are rescued from the wild and are not domesticated, as they can be aggressive. Having said that, there is something immensely gratifying about caring for a pet and with enough love and care, even these animals are capable of being friendly enough to be played with. If you are fascinated with lizards, there are thousands of varieties to choose from, but some of the most commonly adopted pets are spiny lizards and legless lizards. The Texas spiny lizard ranges in size between 7.5 to 12. These lizards vary in color with beautiful designs and can be found in shades of greyish brown, reddish brown as well as olive brown. These lizards are distinguished by the lean blue blotches on the side of the bellies; moreover they have colored stripes that run parallelly on the back. These lizards prefer place that have a vegetative floor and are particularly fond of mesquite trees. Generally shy by nature, they prefer to hide when someone tries to grab them. These animals can be bred by placing a male and a female together and need a cage with 30x12x12. The floor of these cages should ideally be covered in a cage carpet, but sand and walnut shells can also be used, though not suggested. These reptiles also need a cool and dark spot for hiding. They are quite playful, so vines, sticks and logs can be placed in the cage with an elevation for basking and a decayed log for burrowing. Their food is typically crickets heads with vitamin D3 and calcium supplements. Other smaller insects can also be a good idea once in a while. Friendly in nature, these lizards make for great pets. The Glass legless lizard pet has tiny stubs for legs, however, these lizards have a free floating hipbones and can be distinguished from snakes by the fact that they have eyelids as well as external ears. Moreover, these lizards also have a very long tail. These animals love rocky and arid areas and fancy stone, rocky or stony walls. They are especially active after the rains. They are likely to have a good appetite and are highly intelligent and are quite immune to many diseases. And can be bred after 2/3 years. These animals require somewhere between a 40-50 gallon terrarium. They often consume small preys like grasshoppers, meat and raw chicken but ensure that you feed them sized portions as they cannot open their mouths as big as snakes, since their mouths are not unhinged. Having a lizard for a pet can be quite challenging but they do make for great pets and are quite playful after they get used to your presence. With love and care, these lizards can flourish in captivity and be a great pet to play around with. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: