These heating artifact, the weather is not to be used for cold children! Sohu –yo te amo

These heating artifact, the weather is not to be used for cold children! Sohu maternal and child weather has become increasingly cold, the legend of the century did not encounter the winter gradually approaching, SO, test the timing of the mother’s heating wisdom has finally come. Some mothers in order to give their children a warm, no need not its pole, which also contains a lot of high risk approach, we look at these silly ways which is not their own use? The notebook computer heating artifact: risk index is one of the heating artifact single dogs winter love to notebook, the notebook comes with the fan in the summer will not run, the winter becomes a little cooler. In the winter before the laptop on the stomach, you can warm nest in bed all day. But once this kind of bad lazy habits of the children learned, the picture is too beautiful, I really can not imagine. Moreover, the laptop to connect the power supply, the child is also very unsafe. The heating of the artifact USB interface: USB interface. The risk index of heater heater must be invented to those in winter at midnight lazy, its biggest advantage is convenient. Children may feel funny, but the tangle of thread a accidentally put them up. For heating dryer risk index of the artifact: * * winter wash hair is not easy to dry, then the hair dryer can display skills to the full. And when the rain snow came back from the outside, the wet shoes make people uncomfortable, with a hair dryer blow most convenient. However, the power of hair dryer, the intensity of bad control, if the baby fell on the hand, the consequences are too terrible. Heating hot water bag artifact risk index: * * whether water or rubber, hot water bags are not enough to secure a year, burn your baby’s things happen repeatedly. It’s not fatal, but it’s not funny. If you must use a hot water bag, the baby before going to bed with it to warm the quilt, and then when the baby to sleep out again. Do not be lazy because of their own children. The electric heater heating artifact: * * * risk index in the rainy south, the radiator vertical, no matter what kind of electric heater is mother’s love. Because it can be used to heat, but also the baby’s diaper. But such a dangerous goods in the home, the baby will only feel closer to it more warm, but do not know the burn is only a matter of minutes. The heating of the artifact have Hot pot risk index: * * * winter to eat a meal of the most happy Hot pot reeky! Fish, vermicelli, mutton slices cooked in hot pot…… All into the hot pot, eat warm heart warm lung. Children can best not to Hot pot shop, a child is active, Hot pot high temperature, easy to burn. The two is the Hot pot boil it and repeated ingredients, food, children will eat a lot of salt and nitrite and other harmful substances in the Hot pot to eat at the same time, also will usually Hot pot put all kinds of greasy meat, children eat is not conducive to digestion. School相关的主题文章: