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These 5 kinds of medicines is very dangerous way don’t give children to try! – Sohu health reminds the weather gradually turn cold, low resistance children are very easy to get sick. Once the child is sick, it is difficult to escape the fate of medication. For some obedient children, even if they do not want, as long as the mother encouraged a few words, but also very smoothly to eat the medicine. But most of them are not willing to take medicine every obediently medicine, like a bitternessplay, cried grief. The baby, many parents may make a move — by giving their children. For example, seize the child’s hands, feet, head, hold the child’s nose, forced to fill the medicine. Here, we have to remind parents, this is a very dangerous behavior, do not force the child to take medicine! Giving their children, parents do not like every child born love like sugar, almost every child to be born. Once the child had a bitter medicine, it is difficult to convince him that the drug is very delicious. Even now, many children are sweet, the child will not obediently finish the medicine. If in the process of taking medicine, the parents used the means of coercion, the child may not be afraid to take the medicine itself, but their parents forced their medication behavior. Let’s take a look at the following, we often see a few kinds of wrong medicine: pinch the nose to fill the child’s nose to squeeze the drug may be a means of parents often used. It seems to be the quickest and most effective way for a parent to grind hard in front of a child, and to use up all his methods. Pinch the nose to the child is very easy to fill the drug into the child’s respiratory tract, light cough or cause bronchitis, aspiration pneumonia, etc., will block the respiratory tract caused by suffocation. If there is no pressure tongue medicine medicine love child in the family, this method is most afraid of parents have used. That is a medicine spoon, suppress the child’s tongue, took a spoon in the medicine into the child’s mouth, so that the child will obediently swallow the medicine. This method looks very good, but do not love to take medicine children will not obediently open his mouth. Some parents will feed the child before taking the medicine, the children laugh, or to deceive the child to open his mouth, while the child does not pay attention to the drug to the child’s mouth. In fact, this behavior and pinch the nose forced drug are the same, the child’s attention is not here, suddenly very likely to choke the child feeding, will also increase the possibility of drug intake pipe irrigation. Carry the ear medicine carry the ear medicine this move is usually the "spread" down, this is a very unscientific practice, even the existence of potential danger. What do you think about the impact of your ear when you’re eating? No Carry ears let the child take medicine not only not play any role, but may cause the child too hard if the ear inflammation, may also cause abnormal auditory nerve function in children. Let the baby swallow the pills here first and parents said that children under 3 years of age should not eat tablets, should be the preferred solution相关的主题文章: