There is no free cash Alipay why charge fees minmi

There is no free cash Alipay why charge fees? PingWest Fan Junjie ant gold dress suddenly announced that, since October 12, 2016, Alipay will exceed 20 thousand yuan cash charge a 0.1% fee for individual users. In March this year, when WeChat paid to individual users exceeded 1000 yuan cash charges 0.1% of this decision, Alipay has publicly said: we do not charge. Alipay for the provisions of the official explanation is: "comprehensive management costs rise, and WeChat provided payment fees are charged similar. Tencent Inc CEO Ma Huateng had for WeChat to pay a cash withdrawal fees to explain: banks will charge 1/1000 for the banking system to the third party payment account transfer fee, but the cost is always a payment platform for users to bear by the third party. So, when the user reaches a certain base, mention the number of times when the explosive growth, there will be a considerable fee behind the cost. On the market of the third party payment platform is numerous, the most affected is Alipay and WeChat. Alipay and WeChat is the number of users two most of the third party payment platform, the theory has spent the growth phase, the cost burden had to bear. Because of rising costs and fees, and the two companies had in the promotion of mobile payment regardless of the cost of money, the contrast is too big. It is likely to lead to a result: because the payment account balance can not be zero cost to the bank to cash card, the user will reduce the balance on the account, so that Alipay and WeChat to pay the amount of deposit funds reduced. Also, Alipay — or ant payment service for the costs would be larger than WeChat. Payment is only a function of WeChat, but Alipay is the core of the ant payment service products, is the cornerstone of the financial services group. WeChat’s "commercial" with the payment and behind the financial business (in fact, the main business model of WeChat is still the game and advertising), while Alipay’s active users and capital pool balance once fluctuate, it will produce a series of chain reaction — and Alipay tied to the same chain of ants are gold service user behavior and the most important economic data, as well as the ants "flowers chant, chant by" the most potential consumer credit business — these services constitute the core of Alipay’s business model, but also the birth of the Internet financial innovation is the most outstanding. If only because of the increase in operating costs on the collection of fees, the price is too large. A friend of the ants inside the gold service revealed to me: the user fee is charged to the financial regulatory authorities, in essence, is a regulatory decision". That is to say: for some regulatory considerations, Alipay and WeChat have had to charge a fee to the user. For all types of high-risk financial activities, there may not be more intuitive than the government from the regulatory means. The necessary management and control of the financial sector to pre.相关的主题文章: