The young Liu Hui took office behind Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline

Youngest Secretary of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Liu Hui took office behind Anhui (Figure) original title: youngest Secretary of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection took place behind these two days of personnel adjustment frequency. Shanxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, three provincial cadres have adjusted. Liu Hui took office in Anhui, at the age of 50, refresh the politics of the youngest Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the age record. Liu Hui, 1990 from the Department of economics at the Renmin University of China graduate students after graduation, entered the Department of Commerce, open the career, after long serving national supply and marketing cooperatives. In October 2010, 44 year old Liu Hui as 66 under the "Beijing officials" one, was sent to Inner Mongolia. After a lapse of 6 years, Liu Hui bid farewell to Inner Mongolia, South to Anhui, opening a new career. Liu Hui adjustment as the starting point, the Political Bureau (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju) combing the recent changes in several local officialdom. Before putting in 2010 to become the 66 faction "officials", Liu Hui in the national supply and marketing cooperatives. In 1995, he transferred to the national supply and marketing cooperatives, from the Ministry of commerce at the time, he was just outside the office of International Cooperation Department by a director, 15 years after leaving is Minister of international cooperation. In 2005 he was promoted to minister of national Gongxiaozongshe cooperation guidance, Liu Huiji became bureau level cadres. In the supply and marketing cooperatives, Liu Hui and colleagues knowledge and ability to win praise, was regarded as a promising young cadres. Political Bureau (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju) to his office. Although at the time of the minister Liu looks quite serious, but close contact will find that it is gentle and humble, speak clear thinking, pragmatic. In October 2010, at the age of 44, Liu Hui was appointed to the Inner Mongolia Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of Hohhot metro. 3 years later, Liu Hui became a discipline". December 2013, he left Hohhot to Wuhai as Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline inspection. 8 months after the return to the city of Hohhot, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee inspection leading group office, in January 2016 was promoted to deputy provincial Party committee in March this year, President Liu Huizhuan; Secretary of politics and Law Committee and continue to serve the inspection office director. According to deputy department promotion government SIPO (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju), Liu Hui took office in Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, and a new footnote is this year the central organization department in 2010 under the "Beijing officials" in the position change. Earlier, in May 20th, Shanghai City, Hongkou former party secretary Wu Qing served as chairman of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Council; in May 25th, the Langfang municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaodong was appointed vice governor of Hebei province; July 14th, Chongqing city mayor Cao Qingyao original Nanchuan district party secretary Ren Rongchang; September 8th, Henan former deputy director of Shangqiu municipal Party committee secretary Wei Xiaodong took office in the central office of the committee. According to Caixin reported that in 2010 the central organization department under the "officials", at least 22 people have been promoted to vice ministerial level, Liu Hui is one of them. In these "officials", at least 18 people to Beijing office. But there are some people still in the city office, such as: the former director of the National Council for social security fund equity assets Department of Hebei Guoqiang, the current Tianjin City District Party committee secretary of the Jinghai Department of transportation former finance department.相关的主题文章: