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The world owes you a boyfriend! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Huayi net man can love a lot, too, and I want a boyfriend! Maybe every girl on the definition of love is different, but you must find a boyfriend like this: the definition of love is not the same as the responsibility no matter how late will send you home, will see you upstairs, until the light is in the room, he was relieved to go back. Go out and he will hold my hand, and I worry about lost. The bus takes the initiative to help you, some people will protect you if you pushed to. Go out and tell you where to go instead of asking where you want to go. Think about what you want to eat, not what you want. I’ll tell you when I’m working. I’m not asking you to pick you up. You see things as long as the scope of his ability, directly bought rather than asking do you want. How to eat a meal, and tolerance, he always said: "you, you I love to eat!" Mouth say let you eat snacks, but still every time you buy a bunch of snacks. He will take the initiative to surrender to the dispute. The world owes you a boyfriend! Willing to change for you, is willing to pay for you, such as Ken for you do not like smoking and smoking. In my heart, even if I am busy, I will find time to contact you. Meet the good will also give you a package. When you come back from a business trip, you will always bring a little gift, even if it’s just a book you bought at the airport. Know what you like, remember your habits, remember the number of clothes and shoes you wear. He has the power to care about you is the actual action, not the mouth. He will take you to see a doctor when you are ill. If you are hungry, he will cook delicious food for you. Everything you want to do, he will do it with you. Support and appreciate Zuiben praise but never mean to you. The phone lock is your birthday, and the screen is your photo. The mobile phone and a bunch of pictures of you, even if you feel ugly he treasured. Any decision you make will give you ideas and suggestions, and eventually you will respect your ideas. Open your relationship with your initiative meet his parents and friends, not to tell the world you hate is his girlfriend. The other girls throwing themselves at him, he will take the initiative to refuse. Be generous in the circle of friends to show affection. There are a few gentle love in the area of stray cats, he used a courier box to fight them a nest, free to feed them. He was always the first to see the elderly and children, will take the initiative to give up the seat. Can help those who are in trouble. He’s always on the high side when he’s cold and funny. The world owes you a boyfriend! In front of you forever like a long child相关的主题文章: