The woman refused to compound was poured sulfuric acid disfigured ex second instance pipansihuan (

The woman refused to compound was poured sulfuric acid disfigured ex second instance pipansihuan (Figure) – Beijing victims. 23, Zhang Wuyan (a pseudonym) and lawyers to get the verdict of the two trial. 7 years ago, after a rejection of her former boyfriend, Dong Liping, she was asked to pay the price. Two days later, in the corridor at her company, former boyfriend again after being refused, the acid to her face. For Zhang Wuyan, the "price" is too heavy: eyelid dysraphism, bilateral alar loss, severe deformity of facial features…… She can’t wait to show her whole face of pride. After seven years, although after a number of plastic surgery, facial return to normal, but she is still reluctant to mention that had loved her, but also hurt her ex boyfriend. Dong Liping’s crazy, not only failed to save the love, also is the Sichuan provincial high court two sentenced to death with reprieve, and compensation for the former girlfriend of the economic loss of 90 thousand and 8 more than 1000 yuan. Do not dare to look back on the 24 day, the Chengdu heat wave rolling, Zhang Yuan leave at home, do not want to go out. "Or wait for the weather to cool again," Zhang Wuyan answered the reporter on the phone, the body of some discomfort, she still can not recall the painful experience of 7 years ago. Although after a number of plastic surgery, she was the former boyfriend with sulfuric acid to destroy the face has been able to show normal. She now has a normal job, but also opened a micro shop, the mentality has been much better." Zhang Wuyan’s criminal with civil litigation agent Chen Fengfeng said that the last time I saw her this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, the face has been normal, but in order to face this, how much to eat behind the pain, only she knows. Chen Fengfeng remember, in skin grafts, in order to put on her arm to flesh natural long face, she only raised his arm close to the face, so insist on a week or so, "it’s hard to imagine how she carried". A frantic scene before her ex boyfriend Zhang Wuyan this cruel acid has a beautiful face, a lot of friends and even called her "little Joey Yung". After a long period of time, she had to put his face covered up by wearing masks, hats, a dress. Sichuan provincial high court verdict to restore on the day of the tragic scene. In August 30, 2009 11 in the morning, Chengdu Chunxi Road District unusually lively, Kowloon Plaza 5 floor, broke up two months boyfriend Dong Liping Zhang Wuyan came to the door of the unit. Let the message after waiting in the fire channel. Two days ago, he had come, the purpose is to ask for a compound, Zhang Yu refused him, he threatened to pay her price. Unlike last time, this time, Dong Liping had a white plastic bag in his hand, which contained two bottles. One of which is the height of the liquid level of 3 cm of sulfuric acid. Before long, Zhang Wuyan came to him. Like last time, Dong Liping asked for a compound again, and the result was two days ago. The scene was awkward, and Zhang Wuyan was ready to leave. Suddenly, Dong Liping grabbed an orange plastic bottle from the plastic bag quickly unscrewed, grabbed Zhang Wuyan hair, the acid in her face…… First class disability help…… Help ah film相关的主题文章: