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The traditional temple Millennium Exhibition "Yelang" cultural tourism in Sanjiang County Sohu Jiang Dongxiang, most visitors from Guilin or Qiandongnan to this direction, the junction of three provinces where a gold intersection. There are more than half of the Dong people, with a pure national culture. Wooden bridges, drum towers, and large houses are the best. The Xunjiang river runs through the county from north to south, it is divided into two parts, the old and new, "Dong Sanjiang scenic area is MampA several scenic spots in Sanjiang county is the most worth a visit, including the wooden building nest, Sanjiang Gulou (15 yuan), Sanjiang Dong Feng Yuqiao, and historical and cultural corridor, the moon stone street, Sanjiang the city square and other attractions, doyle. Among them, the town near the southeast national Plaza Sanjiang Gulou and opposite the Dongxiang bird’s nest was built, but the scale is quite large, every night 20:30 will "take the girls" ethnic performance (198 yuan). The county southwest, the new scenic spots in Sanjiang Middle School of Sanjiang next to Feng Yuqiao also later built, it is said that the size and length of the bridge is the most in the world. If you want to stay in Sanjiang, there are several new hotel Dongxiang County Road, the price is not expensive and in good condition. There are many wooden houses built in imitation of Dong small hotel near Moon Street, downstairs moon street is one of Sanjiang’s most famous snack street, room and board are very convenient. In March 9, 2011, I came to Guangxi Liang Kou Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, township and village, and the village of Guangxi before coming to Sanjiang Liang Kou Xiang my understanding of the kingdom of the country just to stay in the "extremely arrogant" the pejorative phrase, thought the man called Yelang was a megalomaniac invented by the people, the three came to the palace and in the village knew the original Yelang is not a person, but a smaller nation, and true, although it leaves us thousands of years so far, but here we can find it. Near the village of Kings palace and is then built to worship the king of Yelang three prince, the original San Wang palace was built in Ming Dynasty, the Qing emperor Qian Long years, the masses Temple fund-raising expansion. The light of twenty-four years (1821), and then set the craftsman Seiko maintenance. In March 9th the 5th day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar, known as the "kingdom" culture "three Palace" temple held village in Liangkou town and Guangxi Dong Autonomous County in Sanjiang, thousands of people near the Village Parade, dance hall, Doyle dance, Lusheng step forward Dong drama, cannon, a unique ethnic characteristics of the activities, attract tens of thousands of people and tourists to participate in. The "three temple palace" is a traditional celebration of local, held annually in the 5th day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar. The palace is three Sanjiang Dong Wang Zhuduo and the three sons of Yelang worship temple, built in the Ming Jiajing, Longqing six years (1572) moved to the present location. Sanjiang Shanqingshuixiu, tourism is a good place for leisure. The air is very fresh, when sleeping in the middle of the night are also can hear the bird, cicada and some other animal sounds! Early morning can see the sunrise beauty, that whenever you want to open the morning sun, the fog is always the biggest. The local delicacy also many people lose money in my wallet! I love the clothes here, because the special manual and delicate, each needle line not all of them are living to love music, said the most characteristic is the drum tower village.相关的主题文章: