The traditional apprenticeship is what kind of How to iteration and change Sohu Culture Channel

The traditional apprenticeship is what kind of? How to iteration and change? Sohu culture channel movie "bainiaozhaofeng" and the traditional apprenticeship is a kind of economic form of the employment relationship. The traditional apprenticeship system also includes the oppression and exploitation of the master apprentice, in the history of our country, most of the children’s apprenticeship contract even more in the form of slavery, rather than secrecy skills as the feature, because when the disciples after independence, will become the master of the competitors. In the west, the apprenticeship system based on peer relationship more closely, when the master pay more and more attention to the economic function of apprenticeship, the function of education began to weaken, the apprentice more become capitalists to exploit cheap labor means. The traditional apprenticeship is what? In the Chinese master to select an apprentice traditional farming society, choosing apprentice and teachers is a common phenomenon in almost all cultural art inheritance process is the main way of inheritance. All have the historical span, take the experience cognition as the leading cultural matters, must deliver to this kind of inheritance way. The apprentice selection is very exquisite, than on art’s own condition that talent required, Fomalhaut, pay more attention to the art of moral quality. In generations, many people with "the person is not his biography, non words" doctrine, practice in the eyes of the apprentice selection concept, is the so-called "art of light granted, not light pass" patient "". This is not only responsible for his back, but to the entire division after the rise and fall of honor. Especially for the apprentice, apprentice selection standard is more stringent, takes a long time to review the final decision, and in this period by examining the master apprentice treat in daily life "chores" attitude and ability, finally decided not to own the "expert skill" purse granted, although all the old masters the rivers and lakes, but there is still some mistakes of the risk, energy-saving examples can be found everywhere and the history of film and television works. As the disciples after obtaining his teachings have responded with gratitude and sense of responsibility to the master, to win glory for the school portal concept, consciousness, at the same time to Master Zhuang culture. The formation of Chinese apprentice apprentice ceremony custom regulation is mainly affected by the influence of Confucian academic teaching, can be traced back to Confucius Shoutu practices and its evolved. The ceremony is an indispensable part of the traditional apprenticeship. As to marriage feast as apprentice to master ceremony value is also a sense of ritual, ceremony of specific procedures, different industries have different stress, generally divided into three steps: the worship of founder, two worship master, master three, and the given name. Inherited from traditional agricultural society to bow down, although he was criticized by many people, but in many industries are still in use. In addition to create a sense of ceremony, which is the core purpose in order to clarify the responsibilities and obligations of both parties. Master the responsibilities and obligations of both parties generally have regulations or specific contract to regulate and limit. For example, the door is generally not allowed to master fight with Doushi here, also allowed students in the learning process from another vote he division, so as to avoid the laborious and then enjoy the former division division situation. After the apprentice ceremony, officially confirmed the mentoring relationship,.相关的主题文章: