The Top Missoni Bathrobe

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Missoni Home is a brand that requires no real introduction. An evolution from the designer fashion brand Missoni, this home furnishing .pany continues the traditional Missoni pattern styles, including designs of stripes & abstract floral motif produced in a varied mix of multi bright colours. The results are simply stunning. A perfect example of this evolution from catwalk to home can be seen in the designer bathrobes that Missoni Home has produced. Not particular enough for the catwalk and fashion industry, but perhaps not a home accessory piece, the luxury dressing gown robe provides the perfect transitional piece. This article examines the finest bathrobes available from Missonis collection. Firstly, no Missoni bathrobe discussion can be .plete without mentioning the Jazz design. A consistent top seller since its inception in 2008, the Jazz is an adapted version of the Hans design, the bathrobe returning with renewed colour schemes that breathed new life into the designer bathrobe range. The fact that the Jazz is still a major part of its collection now is testament to the popularity of this designer dressing gown design. This Jazz hooded bathrobe design is a narrow striped multi colour pattern available in three colourways. The T156 scheme, perhaps the most popular of the colour designs, is a multi red style, with additions of yellows and blues which create a true kaleidoscope of colour! The T160 is a multi brown scheme, and finally the T170 is a multi blue design. These luxury dressing gowns also benefit from the greatest of quality and attention to detail, with 100% cotton .fort and lightweight, highly absorbent terry towelling. Another hugely successful designer bathrobe range from Missoni is the Gia.o design. First introduced in 2005, this style takes the form of a vertical zigzag wave again in multiple colour forms. Similarly to the Jazz luxury bathrobe, the Gia.o is available in three colourways. The T132 is a blue/grey .bination with blacks and greens, and the T160 is an impressive collaboration of beige and powder grey, making a perfectly masculine mens luxury dressing gown option. Finally the T59 scheme is a multi bright design, .bining an impressive number of colours to create a powerful vision on a bathrobe. Like the Jazz, these designer bathrobes are also made from highly absorbent terry toweling and lightweight, 100% cotton. Lastly, I thought I would finish with a more recent design, from Missoni Homes 2010 collection. Of the several new ranges on offer I have chosen the Lara as the standout design. This luxury toweling bathrobe has a horizontal waved stripe design again in a multitude of colours. The T156 is my personal favorite a bright .bination of reds, yellow and others that brings back memories of summer. Available in one other colour scheme, the T170 provides the multi blue design. These colours have been said to provide the perfect his and hers .bination. Made from 100% cotton toweling at 450gsm, this luxury bathrobe is not only absorbent but fantastically lightweight. With a velour outer finish, this design is a proud addition to the Missoni Home range. This was just a selection of what Missoni Home bathrobes have to offer, using the style of the fashion brand to create gorgeous bath robe designs. Of course there are many more designs available from Missoni Home, the Josephine and Krono to name a few, without even mentioning the new 2010 ranges such as the Leonard and Lapo. But if it is popularity you crave, then you need look no further than the Jazz and Gia.o! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: