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The termination of the acquisition of GREE silver long retreat or really give up? – Sohu technology intern reporter Ye Bihua Guangzhou reported to have Ziwei appliance industry veteran observers Liu Buchen believes that the emphasis should be placed on the diversification of GREE’s intelligent equipment to robot based on the same time, try to put the crystal Philip refrigerator and big small appliances do not do, and mobile phone repairer. In the hustle and bustle of half a month later, GREE chose to terminate the acquisition of Zhuhai long silver. On the evening of 16, GREE electric appliances (000651.SZ) announced that the company received the same day in Zhuhai silver long written this letter, not trading scheme told adjusted Zhuhai long silver shareholders will be considered by the Zhuhai long silver based on voting results decided to terminate the transaction. In view of this, GREE decided to terminate the planning of the issue of shares to buy assets. In August 19th this year, after nearly half a year long suspension period, GREE electric bursts 35 announcement, announced a 13 billion yuan price of the acquisition of Zhuhai silver long 100% stake. However, the acquisition of the program will be an appearance of a number of small and medium shareholders opposed, and finally in October 28th held the first extraordinary general meeting was stopped. The company will continue to look for new profit growth point, improve the company’s profitability, enhance competitiveness." GREE stressed that the termination of the plan to issue shares to buy assets will not adversely affect GREE’s development strategy and production and operation. But the home appliance industry veteran observers, Yang believes that the current does not exclude the termination of the acquisition of GREE and silver long jointly staged a "retreat" two man show, the ultimate aim is to change the time and space, to find a better method of mergers and acquisitions. 17, GREE Electric shares resume trading, the stock price rose after the opening stabilized after the final, shares closed at 22.84 yuan, up 1.96%. According to the termination of the acquisition of GREE announcement, shares in company acquisition program was the first provisional shareholders meeting rejected, the company tried to reduce or cancel the matching funds raised, the issue of shares to buy assets pricing benchmark stock issuance according to the relevant provisions of the adjustment. "During the suspension, the company actively with the Zhuhai long silver and its major shareholders through communication and consultation, combined with the views of small investors to optimize and adjust the trading scheme; supervise the agency for the demonstration of the adjustment program, and revise and improve the application materials; and the silver long urged Zhuhai to speed up the progress of the counterparty to fulfill the internal decision-making program." GREE has not been disclosed after the acquisition of external adjustment program, saying only that the new program will not be able to obtain shareholders will be forced to terminate the silver. According to the original plan announced in August, GREE intends to 13 billion acquisition price JETCO investment group and other 21 trading partners held 100% stake in Zhuhai long silver, at the same time to the 8 specific object to the way of non-public offering of stock raising not more than 9 billion 700 million. Among them, the controlling shareholder of the company GREE Group intends to subscribe for 4 billion 188 million yuan among them, employee stock ownership plan intends to subscribe for not more than $2 billion 380 million, is the second largest subscription. The news came out, immediately in the major shares it caused a heated discussion, GREE相关的主题文章: