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The student dorm is garbage angered teachers and security guards "crooked nose (Figure) original title: teachers and security guards" crooked nose the students Shaanxi science and Technology Institute of technology hit side three times to apologize for the parents could not agree on compensation officials advise parents to take the legal channels to resolve things in the past more than and 10 days, but think of all the night the 16 year old Xiaohua (a pseudonym) is still a lingering fear: just because the trash is small, the first is the dorm after being slapped, school security and the teacher on duty with batons, foot and head, forced to kneel to apologize. > > the students say the words attracted turns beating the 16 year old Xiaohua Zhenba County, came to Shaanxi last August trade technical college is located in the city of Hanzhoung Chaoyang Road School, high school professional iron. According to Xiao Hua introduction, a total of 5 students in their dormitory. According to the school regulations, every dormitory hygiene scheduling turns cleaning. "In August 27th, I was on duty. One day early in the evening every night, before cleaning, dorm staff came up." She says, 10 o’clock that night, dorm Leimou check sleep to their dormitory, let clean. When will the dormitory Xiaohua after cleaning, Leimou and let him to the toilet rubbish room. Usually they are on duty, cleaning the dormitory toilet, garbage from cleaner cleaning, so that Xiaohua answered: "I am not the." I did not expect this sentence angered Leimou, Xiaohua was slapped a slap in the face, the chest is also a punch. "I’ll say, ‘you’ll try again,’ I thought he said I was in a bad mood, and called the security guard and the teacher on duty." Xiaohua said, after he was dragged to the garbage room, by the teachers and security guards took turns beating. > > hear screams from roommate garbage room 9, with the same dormitory Xiaohua Xiaoqiang (a pseudonym) told the China Daily reporter, Xiao Hua and Leimou dorm after a dispute, two security and administrative office director Liu teacher on duty that night came to the dormitory, the first is the small door to Leimou Velez aisle, then they saw two security guards will be garbage into the next frame Xiaohua, "garbage door closed, so I didn’t see the light hits, hear the sound of screams." Xiaohua said, he was dragged into the dumpster, Liu let him kneel to apologize Leimou, he refused, then a security guard with a baton hit in the back of his head, he was kneeling on the ground to pour. But Liu stamped on his head, two security guards on his cuff and kick. Subsequently, he was pulled up on his knees, let him apologize to ray. The assault lasted about 5 minutes. After being released from the garbage room, the teacher and the security guard asked him to throw the garbage into the garbage room. "At that time was very headache, walking limp, the teacher let the students give me help, put a piece of garbage garbage thrown downstairs." Xiaohua said. > > school suggested that the family "go to justice" Xiaohua (a pseudonym), students said, Xiaohua was wounded, about 10:40 that night, he was carrying Xiaohua went downstairs to the hospital. But unexpectedly, went to the first floor, dorm is not always open the door. He said that the security section chief to be able to open. Wait for an hour, to defend the chief director and students rushed to the school, Xiaohua was brought to the medicine column相关的主题文章: