The Spy Drama red line on You Yong for the first time as executive producer (Figure) –

The Spy Drama "red line" on You Yong for the first time as executive producer (Figure) – Beijing, You Yong served as the executive producer of the new network on 7 November, recently, the Anti Japanese War spy drama "red line" held a media event, the show by the famous actor You Yong for the first time as a producer, he said a lot of pressure, like shooting well. "Red" is the first overseas Chinese joint anti Japanese spy drama, the play is set in the 1937 battle of Shanghai Shanghai fall, from the fall of Shanghai, the army generals to start the war in urgent need of supplies, with the trust of patriotic overseas Chinese high Muqing Nanyang (Ye Yiyun) carried Nanyang overseas Chinese hard to raise large sums of money to support the war in six hundred million, the New Fourth Army action team captain Wang Yishan (Zhang Heshi) and Qin Haidong (Liu Xiao Hu ornaments) contact the station’s assistance, headed by Sasaki, Michi Ko and the Transtech wits confrontation. Men and women starring Ye Yiyun red line is the first time as a producer of the TV drama, he admitted that the pressure is great, most of the hope that the shooting process is safe and smooth in the future, You Yong. For the identity transformation, You Yong said a film to the actor feel out, as a producer, this is a new step towards yourself, where there is a lot to learn. As the chief producer, You Yong on the "red line" actor selection is also very strict. He said he would not deliberately consider the problem of economic fans. But more concerned about the actor itself is really suitable for the role of all to complete the role of quasi. Mention of the drama gathered strength of the actors, Ye Yiyun, Niu Liyan, Liu Xiao Hu Zhanghe, Ding Zhicheng, Wang Kuirong, He Zhengjun, You Yong said to invite these actors, he has moved to the other side with the script. Photo shoot scene, You Yong is very particular about the details, and strive to bring the best image to the audience. Boot the day of the scene, shot in a barber shop. The whole barber shop in accordance with the true style of the year to restore. Always so strict producer Liu Jingxi also said the impeccable. It is reported that the "red line" by the long run for a long time and pictures of Shanghai limited, Beijing Qitai ocean culture media Limited, Chun Tai Jiahe culture media Co. Ltd, Hunan film channel joint production. Beijing Kai Tai Overseas Culture Communication Co., Ltd. chairman Yang Shuo also attended the opening ceremony. Yang Shuo said, Kai Tai has always been to the "red line" investment in the film, as Qitai first depth involved in the production of the drama is on You Yong as executive producer and industry leading production and distribution of Liu Jingxi full of confidence. (end)相关的主题文章: