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The Metropolitan Society Chinese porcelain auction collection effect in autumn of 2016 in New York Asian art week, the Metropolitan Museum commissioned by Christie’s sale of its collection of more than four hundred pieces of porcelain Chinese, launched a special "beauty hidden in Sri Lanka — Metropolitan Museum of Art collection Chinese porcelain auction, caused widespread concern in the media and collectors around the world. News shows, all the auction the auction launched won one hundred percent of the total turnover, over $13 million 700 thousand (equivalent to 91 million 360 thousand yuan) report. Now, although the distance from the end of this auction has been more than a month, but the sensation caused by, but has been one of the focus topic in the near future. Reported that the "beauty hidden in" special auction, for the Metropolitan Museum warehouse repeat collections, or defective product quality, the proportion of small, but as the museum for the first time in 140 years to sell porcelain, and such a huge number, attractive. According to Christie’s goods economy value, rarity and art will be divided into two ways: one is sold to the traditional auction site, a total of 203 pieces, price ranging from $600 to $900 thousand; another way to take the racquet, a total of 198 pieces, many of them in the auction reserve starting. Allegedly, this division is fully taking into account the different needs of collectors, provide different opportunities for them. From the end of the hundred percent of the results of the transaction, the overall higher than the valuation of the transaction, high priced works are almost expected. According to participate in the auction of the collectors introduced the situation, to participate in the auction, buyers China significantly more than the European and American buyers, almost every auction conducted in-depth bidding. For the auction, the industry views vary. Many experts believe that the metropolitan deaccession although there is no special device, but can guarantee the authenticity and inheritance, can sell higher than the market price is also behoove. In addition, this is the first sale of metropolitan China porcelain, sensational effect obviously, even shoot high and also throughout the no ground for blame, not particularly crazy price was born, except for a Kangxi statue radish cowpea red glaze sold for $2 million 45 thousand to the highest price, the auction he did not exceed $one million, which also proved the market more rational and mature. Opposition voices pointed out that the blind pursuit of foreign museums and collectors of strength is not desirable, their collection is uneven in quality, if there is no Metropolitan Museum of Art gold signs "Dharma", these defective goods in the auction market will be greatly reduced China. The museum holds for overseas policy advantages can be sold for the collection of works of art, "truth-seeking and refinement" if thirsty China art collectors, is undoubtedly very attractive. Even if the auction was declared "the goods" or "defective", but as the hundred years of experience, compared to other ordinary products of the same type, the number of future opportunities for the appreciation of auction is clearly more worth looking forward to. (Wang Guoliang) source: collection letters相关的主题文章: