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The simulation of " Japan nuclear " said China nuclear attack will become extinct – Japan Military Channel Sohu Global Times reported: according to the "Washington free beacon newspaper" 7 reported that a research report of the The Pentagon Office of net assessment commissioned by that, due to have advanced nuclear power infrastructure, aerospace, cruise missile launcher the submarine and the Japanese government can, within 10 years of armed nuclear weapons, if the outbreak of nuclear war, Japan will soon establish land-based and submarine weapons, can kill 30 million Chinese. And if China launches a nuclear attack on Japan, Japan will have 34 million deaths, accounting for about 27% of its population. Reported that the Japanese nuclear experts cannot accurately calculate the number of casualties in a nuclear war. In the city the nuclear explosion would trigger a nuclear storm and let mortality doubled on the issue, the experts disagree. But the report argues that, in any case, China’s nuclear attack will make Japan extinct. The report said that at present, Tokyo and Beijing tensions around the Diaoyu Islands issue escalating. In the past few years, the Chinese and Japanese troops have been staged in the vicinity of the Diaoyu Islands naval and air force cat and mouse game". This study shows that the U.S. government worried that the Obama administration’s anti nuclear policy to increase the risk of the spread of nuclear weapons, non nuclear allies of the United States are considering the development of nuclear weapons. The report said that the Japanese side is worried that the United States to Japan’s nuclear umbrella is weakening, the future may not be enough to fight against China or North Korea, which should cause the u.s.. The factors that led to Japan’s nuclear armed forces are the change of the U.S. nuclear deterrence policy, the development of nuclear weapons in South Korea, the Iran nuclear test, the use of nuclear weapons in Russia or China, etc..相关的主题文章: