The shadow art exhibition debut Changsha exhibition time to October 15th (video)-p8400

National shadow show exhibition time in Changsha, October 15th, original title: National shadow show exhibition in Changsha, Hunan daily, September 29th, Beijing shadow puppet, Hunan shadow puppet, India shadow puppet…… Today, the "shadow beauty" national shadow art exhibition opened in Changsha Huayuan paper art museum opened, hundreds of pieces from ancient and modern shadow show throughout the country, showing the charm of shadow art. Xiao Yayu, chairman of Hunan provincial cultural and art foundation, chairman of the China Center of the International Puppet Federation and chairman of the China puppet and shadow art society, Li Yannian attended the opening ceremony. Into the hall, vivid Beijing shadow, emphasizing the exquisite performance, full of changes, pay attention to the realistic perspective; jade Haining shadow, carving, painting less, less exaggerated, near reality, characteristic of Han culture; exotic India shadow, remain the old shadow shape, color thick, ancient and mysterious there; Hunan shadow, accurate and robust control for interpretation and vivid character demeanor and renowned at home and abroad. The site, visitors can watch the shadow artist performances in the wonderful performers under the guidance of a shadow puppet performance process; also can wear VR glasses into the shadow of the world, understand the shadow show behind the scenes; can get involved in film production, and will work to take home. This event is sponsored by the Chinese puppet shadow art society and the provincial cultural department. Exhibition time to October 15th. (Hunan Daily reporter Li Guobin intern correspondent Deng Shulin Zhang Jing) [] video recommendation: making "pocket man" heritage of Ji’nan shadow art sad history

全国皮影艺术展亮相长沙 展览时间至10月15日原标题:全国皮影艺术展亮相长沙 湖南日报9月29日讯 北京皮影、湖南皮影、印度皮影……今天,“影之美”全国皮影艺术展在长沙市华远汇成的纸本艺术馆开幕,几百件来自全国各地的古今皮影,展示了皮影艺术的魅力。湖南省文化艺术基金会主席肖雅瑜,国际木偶联合会中国中心主席、中国木偶皮影艺术学会主席李延年等出席开幕式。 走进展厅,鲜艳生动的北京皮影,强调精致,注重表现,富于变化,讲究透视效果;温润写实的海宁皮影,少雕镂、重彩绘,少夸张、近实像,颇具汉族文化特色;具有异域风情的印度皮影,存留古老皮影形状,色彩厚重,古老而神秘;还有湖南皮影,素以操纵稳健准确、诠释传神的人物神态而蜚声国内外。 现场,参观者可以观赏皮影艺人的演出,在表演者的指导下领略皮影戏表演过程的奇妙之处;还可以戴上VR眼镜,走进皮影的世界,了解皮影戏演出的台前幕后;还能动手参与皮影制作,并将作品带回家。 此次活动由中国木偶皮影艺术学会、省文化厅主办。展览时间至10月15日。(湖南日报 记者 李国斌 通讯员 邓姝琳 实习生 张靖)视频推荐: 【拍客】“袖珍人”传承济南皮影艺术心酸历程相关的主题文章: