The second Zhejiang international chess team of Yunlin academy team won the championship match in Li

The second Zhejiang international chess team match team won the championship of Yunlin College Lingyin Temple Lingyin Temple Yunlin academy team won the November 11th – 12, "second Zhejiang province chess team Yiwu race held in Yiwu. Provincial military chief, provincial Chess Association Honorary Advisor Zhou Zhibin, director of the Provincial Sports Bureau, chairman of provincial Chess Association Sun Guangming, director of the provincial people’s Congress Jiang Taiwei teach Kewenwei Committee, provincial deputy secretary general Wu Weiping, the Department of justice of the discipline inspection team leader money Wei, Yiwu mayor Wang Ying attended the opening ceremony. In April this year, the second Zhejiang go team inter race held in the first race in Hangzhou. The game attracted from the province around the city a total of eight teams, respectively, Hangzhou provincial organs team Yunlin academy team, Zhejiang team, Wenzhou Rui light technology import and export team, Taizhou team, Jiaxing team, Tongxiang team and Yiwu team champion Zhuji torreya. After nearly 8 months the number of stations on their sleep by the leader of the Yunlin College Lingyin Temple bright Master Chess Team won the championship. Sun Guangming, director of the Yunlin Academy of Hangzhou awarded the championship trophy. "Go team competition" is a brand competition launched by Zhejiang weiqi association. The difference between team and traditional event is the largest game to go into the classic game between the team against. According to the rules of each game, each player can choose the next move can also choose thirty-six chess. So each team Paibingbuzhen are exquisite, it also makes the event more suspense. Each team lineup in planning should not only consider all level players, coaches and players ability test team. After the game, feel bright master on behalf of Lingyin Temple to the organizers and each team light spring master calligraphy "Jigong Weiqi poems porcelain". Go on Tang Poetry: Wuwei Jigong, meet the enemy. In a crystal set, two for dumping the jade son. Poly three switch five, won the first corner. Quietly to the bamboo pine Wu Xuan, cold quietly on the pavilion sill chrysanthemum. A row of black patches in the war situation, 000; pendulum organ, Baijiao Jiao day stars. Hugh said national team, said the fairy. To take over the Kyushu road name in petite, cloth three volute angle. In my aspect, knock by him. One tactic broken spirit, to make the hero all over the world. Hey! Unless there is a fairy Road, break through 79.相关的主题文章: