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The second Hanshan old goose soup delicacy festival grand opening – Anhui Channel – people news, research learning to enjoy Hanshan delicacy trip, Deng Taihu xiufeng…… The morning of September 30th, the second session of the 2016 Hanshan old goose soup delicacy Festival Grand opening. Autumn lingering, still could not withstand the more than 10 thousand visitors from outside the province’s enthusiasm, we gathered in the beautiful scenery of Taihu mountain, enjoy the delicacy of humanistic history in one cultural feast. In Hanshan County Copper gate town old goose soup delicacy village square, the scene 40 delicacy and specialty booths filled with Hanshan around the delicacy and local products. Visitors to the old goose soup, eat goods Yuncao breakfast, taste the pine Roasted Duck awfully. Beef, rice, vermicelli, egg and so on, native products a superb collection of beautiful things is to let tourists surprises. It is understood that the delicacy and delicacy festival in Hanshan native products have more than and 630 varieties. In addition to the taste of Hanshan around the delicacy, can also participate in the "Shi Bao Hanshan strategy of agricultural products" regional brand release, Lingjiatan research base of tourism experience, open "food treasure Hanshan famous fairs", "thousands of products of the same old goose soup" and other activities. During the national day, every day "special national day seven days" delicacy festival activities, including "accent drunk nostalgia local drama," dancing square dance "Hanshan community, Hanshan good voice singer competition in the rich and colorful cultural activities of the masses. The opening ceremony, between Hanshan County issued agricultural area public brand "JAC, Shi Bao hanshan". The brand is the county conform to the trend of brand economy, in promoting the development of modern agriculture in the process of agricultural products, the first to establish a regional public brand, covering the whole area of the whole industry, the whole category in the province, to promote industrial development brand, realize resource economy to brand economic take-off, make farmers richer and more ecological agriculture in rural areas, more beautiful. "The old goose soup delicacy festival held in Hanshan is aimed at the festival festival, with Societe Generale, enriching to become famous, all kinds of integration Hanshan cultural tourism resources, build tourism activities platform, cultivating Hanshan tourism brand, attract more tourists into the taste and enjoyment, Hanshan Hanshan hanshan." Hanshan county Party Secretary Bian Jianqiu said. Study archeology tour, historical and cultural tours, health and wellness tour, rural parent-child tour, specialty gourmet tour…… Delicacy festival will be the two major north-south Hanshan area tourism seamless series, Wu Bao Chan Shan Road, Lingjiatan, Taihu Shan, Yu Tan, Yuncao town and other resources, fully demonstrated the ecological landscape of Hanshan and heavy historical and cultural relics, the profound historical culture, good ecological environment and abundant tourism resources has become the strong economic city of multipolar support. In recent years, Hanshan County committed to the implementation of "cultural tourism Xingxian" strategy, in promoting the development of local cultural tourism industry at the same time, driven by the rapid growth of local economy. The delicacy festival in the "three city" objectives under the guidance of the masses, uphold the festive event, enriching the delicacy vector Festival concept, will further promote the integration of cultural tourism industry in depth. (Diao Yunbo): (to share: fly, commissioning editor Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: