The sea – Fuhua Tianbo Yang soul to find the beauty of maternal –

The sea – Fuhua Tianbo Yang with the soul to find beauty – this time Sohu mother Juzhan once again let us feast for the eyes, students also flowers garden music enough, the music students then is to take daddy to play, to see the Juzhan, ha ha, in Beijing this time with dad enjoy the chant, it is said this year Juzhan are placed on the the Imperial Palace in Beijing, to le dad busy, is certainly no time to see, to come, follow the music students tour Chrysanthemum Exhibition!! One to the door, my little photographer is coming, a small camera is now happy, every time will be told, mom, with my camera, so yes, future photographer!! No one on this position, well, professional enough!! Where to shoot!! Shoot guide map, where will we look at this, and then remember where the toilet? A variety of small, the gardener is really also show ingenuity!! All the way exudes sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, August osmanthus fragrance, smell is really quite delicious, let me think of Osmanthus cake, sweet scented osmanthus honey, sweet scented osmanthus osmanthus osmanthus sauce, plum, hawthorn cake, various delicacy in front of Huangdian, okay, we still continue to play! Have to feed fish. And then, continue to climb!! Naughty baby, may have been bullied on the ~ ~ ~ take a little exposure, ha ha ~ ~ to the new site, large tracts of sunflower!! A lot of people, only thinking of music students, there is no good shot!! The last time in this letter to the father, on the way to his father sloshing for 8 days, today father took it!! Mama, you come too!! Handmade soap!! There are too many photos, so no one has been repaired. If you do the photo album later, you must have a good repair!! There are activities in the middle of the 86 year old grandfather practice slightly, but also teach us a set of Kung fu! The duel and Jinbing ~ ~ this beard is drunk!! 50 Fen makeup!! Good is a battle, of course, Jinbing defeated! Good love here flowers here is the tone, if will shoot a large staggering photography big coffee circles come!! The next step is to work hard, learn to learn to take photographs, photography, so that a higher level of skills!!相关的主题文章: