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The reporter visited a number of local theater   " small town youth viewing " where – the media – original title: "town viewing youth" where according to arts grace statistics, 2015 summer theater number 5300, to 2016 summer, has reached 6900, an increase of 30%; at the same time, the total screenings year-on-year growth of 36.3%, the average daily number year-on-year growth of 40%, but the total viewing time an increase of only 5.1%. Promote the box office growth of small town youth where to go? China Press and publication radio and television reporter recently visited Hunan, Gansu, several county theater. The last day of summer, the reporter went to the only one in Rucheng County of Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, digital cinema — Xiaoxiang xinhexing studios, at 10:30 in the evening, was caught in a film over a dozen of people out of the office. There are 4 rooms of the studios, including 4K hall, 3D hall and a 50 seat hall VIP. Each hall is showing a film, the audience up to less than 20 people, only a minimum of six or seven people. The cinema is located at the junction of the old and new town in Rucheng. Studios general manager Zhu Liangbo said, when the Spring Festival is the best studios box office files and other periods of summer, basically is the off-season. During the Spring Festival, due to more young people to return home, help the aged and the young go to see movies, the theater revenue increased significantly, the highest attendance rate can reach about 70%, but there are usually fewer viewers. The release of the film when the audience comes more. There are 3 hall of Ningyuan County Huayao international studios, each hall of 120 seats, due to the geographical location, near Daoxian County, Lanshan, before Jiahe county came to see the movie. Ningyuan County Culture and sports director of press and Publication Bureau Zhou Qiuyun said later, the surrounding counties built digital cinema, people in other counties will not come. Is located in Gansu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Gannan province in Diebu county is only a digital cinema, only one hall, fifty or sixty seats. Deputy director of Diebu County Radio and Television Sports Bureau Ren Wenzhong introduction, the theater’s good operating condition, is profitable, because the local government from the theater rental, the construction of the theater site is provided by the local government. Survey interview, the reporter learned that the county theater some monthly income of about one million yuan, and some because of the local population is small, only about 100000 yuan a year income. Many theater operators are to see a few years ago, the national film market is good, would like to build a theater in the local, but after the completion of the market, but the off-season". Especially since the Spring Festival this year, the film market has not seen a spectacular view of the landscape, some cities and counties do not expect the operating conditions of the theater so well. Some of the county theater manager said that at present, excluding rent, utilities and other costs of coal, some studios is profitable, but also some business a little loss of hope within one or two years to attract more local viewers into the theater. From the previous data, North Canton deep and part of the provincial capital of the box office ahead. In August the theater data, for example, the top 1000 theaters, the average monthly box office at $4 million 508 thousand, into the actual 1000相关的主题文章: