The real thing! Exposure to Blues to lose Fabregas Manchester or 20 million left poaching – Sohu

The real thing! Exposure to Blues to lose Fabregas Manchester or 20 million left poaching – Sohu Chelsea exposure to winter sports   window to rent a small law since Conti switched to 343 after Chelsea like rebirth, summon wind and call for rain in the past October. The 4 game, 4 games, 11 goals, back to the top of the standings, Conti’s team with the record to prove the success of the world’s 343 tactics in the world of the 4. But behind the total Conti Bianzhen victim, this time Fabregas became the most unlucky person, as of now, the Spanish midfielder started only once in the league, that is 0-3 defeat to Arsenal, and he played just 55 minutes to be replaced, then in training method have a thigh injury puzzle, which he always failed to gain a foothold in Conti’s. Right now, the winter window fell, the Spanish midfielder almost only selected departure paths, and for senior Chelsea there are two options: cleaning or rent. According to the British "times" news, Chelsea is not completely sold Fabregas, after the Spanish veteran is still very high residual value, and his contract is for two years, so the winter will tend to rent out outside the window. But because Fabregas is Chelsea’s third high paying owners (in a Zal and Diego – Costa), a staggering 160 thousand pounds, a non wealthy club to "shelter", a small law will face huge pressure on wages. Therefore, the times revealed that Chelsea intends to take the unusual way to rent him out after a small part of his salary subsidies. For Chelsea, the player’s approach, fans are already uncommon, to know that in Europe, Chelsea has 38 players out on loan, while 38 people in Chelsea’s rented lineup, not only Claude Lado, this will also have Remy, Traore, Chris, like Christensen’s prospects. Although the rent drama often staged, but let Chelsea subsidies player wages, there is some time hasn’t happened since 2014, Torres has joined Chelsea to join Milan, high level is no longer the player’s salary for subsidies. In fact, want to dig the winter window Fabregas team not in the minority, the Premier League leaders Manchester City is one of the earlier, according to the "sun" disclosure, Guardiola will be attributed to the record low team is not a complete revolution, many position for the player does not fully comply with his tactics, and adaptability strong tactical consciousness is his method of small high-energy candidate, it is reported that the blue moon also prepared a transfer fee of 20 million pounds to the race in law. In addition, inter Milan and Juventus are also interested in the method of small, this summer’s transfer deadline day, Fabregas almost joined AC Milan. Once a small sale or rent, Conti will attempt to introduce a new midfielder, and there is news that the Italians have been eyeing Paris frustrated Pastoret this season, he made only 6 appearances under Blanco. (GD)相关的主题文章: