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The public offering of new shares: hunting 711 fund positions in the same stock fund (schedule) Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The public offering of new shares, the shareholding ratio of hunting fund Baotuan quantity 711 fund positions corresponding to positions in the same stock [Xie Danmin so many so low. What happened is not accidental, which is consistent with the process of issuing new shares placement ratio (or success rate) in the two quarterly report released soon after, 2868 reported one after another after the disclosure of the fund. Judging from the report, along with the first half of the stock market volatility down, the public fund is chasing defense and hedge assets, liquor has become a major preference for public funds. On the other hand, in the current asset allocation shortage era, with a general decline in return on assets, funds for the new passion is also unprecedented, since this year, a large number of public fund positions are pushing into new times. Funds hunting time shares compared to the two quarterly report, more fully reflect the positions of funds of listed companies. From the fund’s 2016 report, the new shares to become a major public fund competition. According to Wind information statistics, as of June 30, 2016, the fund hold together the number of the top 15 are time shares, which Chinese nuclear construction won, raised a total of 711 of its shares held by the fund; otherwise, Hasen wood Honghui new shares 12 shares more than and 600 public fund hold together. It is worth noting that, despite the access to hundreds of fund positions, but the proportion of these funds compared to the equity of listed companies is not high. China nuclear construction, for example, the 711 funds together hold only 15 million 852 thousand and 100 shares, accounting for the proportion of outstanding shares of only $3.02%. An average fund holds only 223 stake in China’s nuclear construction. To calculate the closing price of 20.92 yuan in the end of 6, the average fund positions China nuclear construction market capitalization of about 466 thousand yuan. For hundreds of millions of the size of the public fund, this "investment" is just a drop in the bucket. Fund Baotuan "followed by China nuclear construction behind the 14 stocks are similar. Among them, 696 fund holdings of shares accounted for Honghui new material circulation stock proportion is only 4%, but the proportion of shares already way ahead ordinary, these 15 stocks in the minimum stake in long ocean is composed of 396 fund holdings of 502 thousand and 600 shares, accounting for only 1.68% of the proportion of tradable shares. Shareholding fund Baotuan positions corresponding number of so many so low. What happened is not accidental, which is consistent with the process of issuing new shares placement ratio (or success rate). New shares issued in 2016 the implementation of the "new policy after the first purchase payment, investors hit a new passion climax, it also greatly lower the ratio and the success rate of new shares under the net placement. Under the net to play a new aspect, the public fund still has some advantages. In accordance with the rules, the issue of new shares shall not be less than two of the number of shares issued under the net to the public fund and social security fund investors in the placement of the first class a institutional investors; 40%相关的主题文章: