The prediction of lottery 3d16245 period Ten difference interval 1-4- Sohu-pretty rhythm

The prediction of lottery 3D16245 period: Ten difference interval 1-4- Sohu 2016244th lottery lottery 3D number is 699, and the value of 24 points, the size and shape of large parity form greatly, even Kiki, the span value of 3. 3D forecast number 2016245 period the latest: quasi cold number: the period of the lottery results is 699, the cold code all bye, looking at the recent award number in the next period, should be appropriate to consider the cold code slightly warmer. Heat number forecast: the last phase of the hot state code did not debut, according to the number of columns to determine the frequency chart, the author believes that the next phase of the code should continue to go cold. Temperature: the period of temperature, out of three, look at the recent period award in 245, is expected before the hot period will remain the. Ten span ten span the period from 0 points, nearly a week according to the ten difference distribution, that a new period of ten will be close to 1-4 regional difference. Ten position and value: on a lottery ten bit and a value of 18, in nearly 30 lottery, and ten points less than 4 times lower, forecast a new period and value may not jump out of the range of 6-12.相关的主题文章: