The past 122, blue thorn blind – Sohu in Lugu Lake

122, in the past the Lugu Lake is blue thorn blind – Sohu [] this may lead tourism is the most Chinese "story" travel public no.. Welcome to pay attention to the travel writer Liu Xiaoshun after 80 (Liu small Shun public number: lxslvxing), along with small Shun travel will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! "Follow Liu Xiaoshun to travel" the "past" the first quarter of 22, in Lugu Lake by the blue spiny blind (Article Number: 122) over the next few days, we dare not again about big brother and Sister Li eat, that it can feel a little. You also want to ride the horse brother’s car to Lugu Lake, and Jared and I was going to see the Meili Xue Shan in deqin. I think if we do not take the initiative to contact with the horse brother, he should take this to our "troublesome" continue to go forward, but northerners unique warm and generous or beyond our these people in the south make blind and disorderly conjectures. In Lijiang, I, Jared and Dongdong go to pull the city of the sea horse boat tours on foot in the newspaper, the tiger jumped in the ancient town of Shuhe, overlooking the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, a lot of money, but for Lijiang I still vague impression, do not know what it is how to define a place, like a bit of what features, and did not seem to what characteristics. Leave Lijiang the day before, we learned that Deqin under the snow, the road is blocked, can not go, I will be forced to choose to go to the Jared and we have no interest in the Lugu Lake. Moreover, the horse brother also took the initiative to call you, said the morning of the second day drive to meet us at the city gate, we still do not know how to speak hesitatingly refused, Ma brother but soon finalized, we had promised to go to Lugu Lake to take big pony car. From Lijiang to Lugu Lake to open eight hours of the car, the weather is good, the road is good. We stopped at noon to eat lunch in a small town, this time we learned a good Dongdong, called midway pretend out of the toilet, secretly put the bill, is also a horse brother a favor, heart will be more magnanimous. The first time the ride experience is done so in the end is friendly mentally and physically exhausted, a horse brother can not resist, or are we really worry too much? I for the concept of money too clear, in the face of someone else’s gift would suffer is not always overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, to make myself feel owe others. Lugu Lake is a section of the mountain road is being repaired, especially bumpy, open to a viewing platform, we get off to Lugu Lake. When we climb the ladder platform, the whole piece of blue lake surrounded by mountains suddenly appeared in front of, I have to say that I was just like a wonderland of beauty shocked. "We were wrong." I like to Jared automatic speaking said, probably originally did not expect too much of Lugu Lake, when this piece of the mountain lake is alive suddenly like landscape of the WINDOWS desktop like cubujifang to show in front of the lake under the sun that is beyond my scope of experience as the blue dream will appear the scene, I know we were wrong. This also proves that travel like Xiaomaguohe, hearsay more, it is the feelings of others, not your.相关的主题文章: