The passenger suffered cliff fall Jinhua bus station next month will be shut down

The passenger suffered cliff fall Jinhua bus station next month will be shutting down "bus station to shut down!" These days, the news so that many people in Jinhua feeling too fast. In this case, Jinhua is not a case. Today, the province’s auto passenger facing what kind of survival crisis? In the future and what to go from here? The story of Jinhua high-speed rail and rapid transit double attack sixteen years of operation of the passenger station shut down Zhejiang Tongji transportation company has 4 stations in the Jinhua area to build in the high iron not open before, take Jinhua to the county (city), Hangzhou, Wenzhou province and Jiangxi, the mainland, Jiangsu and other provinces (city) class line passenger transport task, the busy time of more than 30 thousand passengers, which opened in 2000 new year’s day of the Jinhua bus station, is mainly responsible for the Jinhua to Yiwu, Pujiang, Dongyang and other counties (cities) of the class line. In the passenger bus station in Jinhua, accounting for the bulk of passengers to Yiwu. Data show that in 2015 the Jinhua bus station sent 927 thousand and 500 passengers to Yiwu, including 403 thousand and 600 passengers, passenger traffic accounted for 43.5%. From the Jinhua bus station opened, master Zhao is Jin Yi class line driver. In his impression, in 2015 before the line is still pretty good operating conditions, the amount of daily passenger traffic in 3000 people up and down. In December 10, 2014, Hangzhou high-speed railway operations, passenger station hit, in 2015 the average daily passenger flow decreased to about 2300 people; until September 30th of this year, the Jinhua high speed rail station connected to Yiwu Trade City BRT3 line opened, Jin Yi class line passenger dropped 54.6%. In previous years, eleven passenger peak, every day, 20 cars, each trip is full of. This year only 8 cars, a trip of 25 minutes, each car is only a few people in the 20." In the eyes of master Zhao, high iron and BRT opened, led directly to the East passenger cliff style decline. The National Day this year, the average daily passenger flow station only more than 1 thousand, of which only 10 people in Yiwu. The bad news is still coming to the bus. Jinhua – Yiwu – Dongyang Hengdian intercity railway will start at the end of the test period, brought to the bus station impact obviously. Such shocks, Jinhua other passenger stations are also present. Recently, Zhejiang Tongji Traffic Transport Corporation reported a "request" on the revocation of Jinhua bus station passenger station function, display the dual impact on high-speed rail and bus development strategy, urban three station day to send visitors 15 thousand passengers from the total amount of the original down to the current 5000 people, a serious loss of business. The bus station in 2014, the average daily passenger traffic of 4110 passengers, the bus station 5705 passengers, now the number has been reduced to more than 2 thousand people. The company responsible person said, in order to reduce the operating costs of enterprises, enhance the ability to survive, to be decided since December 1st this year, the revocation of Jinhua bus station passenger station, bus station in the original management of road passenger transport services on the principle of migration to Jinhua bus station, now approached also with the market group, after the bus station will be used for the development of the market make up a part of the loss." Around the data 15%: stop the line more and more open 10%: idle.相关的主题文章: