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"-" the original William Feng Ma Tianyu child to reproduce the classic Sina entertainment news produced by Yao off the media TV series "-" after a series of brutal PK Castle (William Feng [micro-blog] decoration) and Yingkong Shi (Ma Tianyu [micro-blog] decoration) the battle for the throne and finally to Sakura empty release of a report an end, yesterday (September 6th) a staged fire killed one day, the phantom of the original classic plot audience expectations. Ma Tianyu Persian eye styling cited concern, the end of the battle for the throne of the brothers are about to open a new chapter. Sakura empty release life clear throne "-" philosophy into them in a thought-provoking story last night, Yingkong Shi and Lian Ji (Kim Hee Sun [micro-blog] ornaments) to carry out a meaningful dialogue: "my throne, was built on the sand castle on the throne, if one day the tide, I the throne will not guarantee", has been formed with tens of thousands of lies must be lies to make up, Lian Ji in this article to let their children on the throne of obsession farther. Whether it is Lianji greed or fire desire, have brought disaster to children and three creatures themselves, seemingly simple discussion of desire hidden behind the reality world philosophy meaning. "Have" and "for the people" the result of a wrong thought in passing is different. He is the representative of "people", although he had lost power blade ridden, hope everyone can support all compassion in the heart of nature in esteem; Sakura empty release is "only one representative", despite many, but also caused the misunderstanding of the upper part of the body, even the misunderstanding will be from your closest people walk alone but also sad. The summit is king of the Sakura empty release will suffer what fate joke, brotherhood can concern as ever. "-" Sakura empty release set more desolate, so a couple of emotional abuse on Sakura empty release as the original memorable characters, not only lies in the "Castle freedom is my religion", he is the brother of people outside the performance of the brutal cold in addition. "I want to kill you, what do you have to do is his pet phrase, the castle unhappy, free people in the castle hinder Yingkong Shi eyes but ants. In the TV series "-" in the role of brother still only have feelings, but he wanted to kill Shuo Gang (Shu Yaxin ornaments) to kill will worry, Yan (Zhang Meng [micro-blog] ornaments) because the mother sad; he will kill innocent children ina culture and also because of anger, Sang Lan (Medina) can not sing and compassion, his cold but not cold, but not so subtly malicious black heart, people more sad. In addition to abuse the heart of the brotherhood, from the north to the cut edge Syracuse pear drop (Victoria Song [micro-blog] ornaments) also suffered emotional winter. It is reported that in the next story, in order to let the pear falls on the castle faded and fallen sword of the spirit, the oracle to exchange, into a "satyr" monster, "Suo Lu added a couple of emotional difficult test, two people can get married exciting. The fight ended, Yingkong Shi successfully boarded the aloof throne? Castle, the pear falls, Sang Lan three emotions and will decide on what path to follow? More exciting stay up every Monday, Tuesday night 22:00 Hunan TV相关的主题文章: