The Oriental Pearl launched two new projects to enjoy the scenery recreation for two (video)-freelander2

The Oriental Pearl launched two new projects to enjoy the scenery recreation for two small Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Shanghai landmarks Oriental Pearl launched two new projects, to play more sense of science and technology. The first highlight of the 95 meter high roller coaster project was upgraded to wear VR glasses, visitors will see a different landscape. Have not yet entered the tunnel, passengers can send bursts of screaming VR glasses in the end to see what? VR roller coaster to fly Shanghai intercity altitude as the theme, the nowadays popular VR (virtual reality) technology and traditional roller coaster combination, through visual and sensory limitations, for visitors to bring a new experience shock, early today demo visitors address him enjoyable. Traditional roller coaster, visitors see is the track, the main experience is fast. While wearing VR glasses, the tourists feel like being in the sky, the shuttle in Lujiazui between the buildings, in addition to adding more go by like the wind, wonderful and exciting. Tourists describe, is the feeling of flying in the air. The world is completely open feeling, super cool! Some people think that the traditional sense of nothing, after wearing glasses feel very different, in the fly. Experienced a round of tourists said again is not very afraid, second times is simply too high, good visual feeling strong, vivid, is the landmark of Shanghai, I feel very exciting. Tomorrow, the project will be officially open to visitors. In addition, at the beginning of the September launch of " more. The sea ring " dynamic multimedia show is also a new key project in the course of the visit for nearly 20 minutes, the high-tech and visual arts cross combination, experience immersed in a huge screen in the future city. Visitors feel that the project is very imaginative, and there is a hope for the future. Because of this project, there is a certain understanding of the future of the world, this project is more delicate in the production. The Oriental Pearl hope through a series of new projects launched, to give visitors more wonderful experience, assistant general manager Wang Xiaoli: "we this several years to build 78 meters, including screen multimedia show including VR high roller coaster project, is to make a better communication with the public and tourists, to tell you the Oriental Pearl is not only a a climbing tourist attractions, there are still a lot of rich and colorful content". "" "Shanghai: Shanghai is still recommended today morning heavy rain tomorrow," Maleka "to take 3 days off next Monday on the 8 day of the trip together tourists in advance on holiday travel contract model and the public to buy Porsche car does not match the company said there is no difference between Shanghai flight to Sydney was occurred after takeoff special has landed Shanghai two month old baby panda" peanuts "". "" come out to see visitors a week with her body image collection: the beauty of Shanghai: the Oriental Pearl into the one and only put on the red flag " " this is the blessing of Wu Minxia (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: