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The old man worth tens of millions of music do dustbinman: more money rarely what two original title: Le do dustbinman million net worth nearly 65 year old Zhao Xinhe: how much is it, what kind of music do millions of net worth nearly two sanitation workers, 65 year old Zhao Xinhe: for good health, less money, what two like Zhao Xinhe Zhao Xin and reporter Guo Zhiyuan Ventura, 65 years old, was originally the office of the Central Plains area tielu village Xiliu Lake Village, a few months before they were removed, to build a new community. In accordance with the relevant regulations, he was assigned to the 730 square meters of the house, suddenly doubled net worth. There are nearly ten million fortune when he is still a HuanWeiGong ordinary, he said: "how much is it, what kind of two." The net worth soared nearly 10 million, but still adhere to the sanitation work the morning of November 10th 9 o’clock, in the vicinity of the Central Plains and the West Fourth Ring Road intersection, a 65 year old man and Zhao Xin is low head, with his sweeping artifact (Figure). The car tyre cutting he discarded, and then wire fixed to the top of the broom, mainly used to clean up the road on the stone. Everything is done, I saw him with a broom and swept the ground, scattered stones were gently pushed to a bunch of children, the workers rushed down the broom, up to him to try it: "Hey, this is really good with." Zhao Xin and the "invention", leads to the topic, the workers said: "don’t underestimate master Zhao, he is a millionaire, the net worth of nearly ten million." "Just good health, money, money and less, what are the two." Took over the incumbent, Zhao Xin and the old man said, he is the furnace near the village of villagers, according to the government’s plan, a few months ago, their villages were demolished to build a new community. According to the relevant regulations, he was assigned to the 730 square meters of the house, the house has not yet been built, their family and the temporary rental in the vicinity of the Longhai Road West sanhuan. During the transitional period, in accordance with the share of housing area, the government paid monthly resettlement fee, a few thousand dollars a month, eat and drink is enough." The old man said, his junior high school culture, did not learn what skills, and his wife planted four or five acres of farmland, raising a pair of children. 4 years ago, he bid farewell to the land, picked up the broom when the sanitation workers, the monthly salary of more than 1 thousand and 600 dollars. The money is not much, have a job, not idle, I feel happy." The family had proposed not to sweep the road, but he did not listen to Zhao Xin’s daughter and his wife has repeatedly suggested that do not sweep the road. Unexpectedly, he was strongly opposed, "body good, always can’t sit at home what live without doing him". In the face of Zhao Xin and stubborn, daughter and wife had to follow his temper, let him continue to clean the road. Zhao Xin told reporters, there are five or six villagers like him, is sweeping the road. A person familiar with his co-workers said, 50s was born in the last century, Zhao and the people of that time, a lot of suffering from snacks. And the land for a lifetime work, suddenly become city people, although the idea slowly changed, but from the inside, it is difficult to give up the land complex, "sweep the road every day, very down to earth". In this way, we chatted about the day, dispersed the attention of the elderly, but also let him slow down the floor相关的主题文章: