The number of public punishment naked must be the courage sword – View –

The amount of reading, "naked" public punishment should be brave sword – View – WeChat circle of friends often hundreds of "100 thousand +" marketing, large single article also frequently called the price of a few million to several hundred thousand yuan. Yesterday, sources said, WeChat public brush brush tool. Some weekdays easily up to tens of thousands of reading the size of the large, instantly shrunk sharply hit back hundreds, thousands of prototypes. (Guangzhou daily 2016930) a "brush" tool is broken, causing WeChat circle waves through the emperor’s new clothes should laugh, let us also witnessed a large WeChat hits sharply diving "farce". The rapid development of China’s Internet industry, the Internet and traditional industries to the integration of the same time, the number of public brush phenomenon, showing the spread of potential, and even the formation of a black industry chain. The disciplinary public brush, we need other measures, the courage sword, bad brush, brush to stop the momentum of choke single, also the Internet industry integrity. The number of public swimming naked, platform operators must first courage sword. False data, is the public number of their own, but the platform operators to provide services can not read the relationship. After all, it’s in your store. The amount of reading, the false points like the number of advertisers and users can use temporarily, but once things, discredited, like the "off the underpants" from the media V are afraid to survive difficult. The Tencent science and technology to allow the amount of brush tool active failure, it is worthy of recognition, but also hope that the failure to be able to monitor the number of public brush brush. If each of the WeChat public numbers, are forged clicks, points like the number, then the content of the building and upgrading of service what is the point? The era of the Internet economy, the key to success still is more precious than gold and reputation so that users call service. Platform operators should look beyond, the courage sword, strengthen technical management, first by brush in the technical loopholes. The unrepentant, strict punishment, measures to take title. The public, "naked", government departments should dare to sword. Disciplinary brush amount, not just the operation of the platform. Industry and commerce, information industry and other relevant government departments should have the courage to bear responsibility, as a positive. Play its regulatory functions, to increase the amount of brush software developers, as well as the amount of brush marketing class public account crackdown. Government departments should strengthen the cultivation of the third party organizations to assess the value of WeChat public data content, and actively guide its growth, to create a platform for the independent and content of the public value of data services system. The public, "naked", must use this sword of law. Because the network phenomenon is widespread, the amount of brush hidden characteristics, the number of violations of the rights and interests of the subject is very large, and even some of the brush hits is push advertising to the customer requirements, these are very difficult for law enforcement. However, we should have such a consensus: the number of public by brush traffic, brush the amount of reading to deceive customers and attract them to advertise the behavior, is a typical contract fraud. "In accordance with the provisions of the contract law, a contract entered into by a person as a result of fraud is a revocable contract, and the party may be required to cancel the contract within one year from the date on which he or she is aware of the fraud."相关的主题文章: