The new Mercedes Benz E level long wheelbase car debut in Shenzhen-diying

The new Mercedes Benz E level long wheelbase car Shenzhen debut new Mercedes Benz E level long wheelbase car Shenzhen sparkling debut intelligent and beyond the imagination of August 27, 2016 new Mercedes Benz E level long wheelbase car south listed the battle’s first stop in Shenzhen Pangbo played, opened a new intelligent way to travel for the backbone of society in Shenzhen and the Southern District the. The new long wheelbase E car launched a total of three pre listed first Zhen sharing models, respectively, E 200 L, E 300 L and E 300 are L luxury cars and sports cars, provide two kinds of style, MSRP was RMB 436, 800 yuan, 474800 yuan and 499. 800 yuan. That night, Mercedes Benz will be listed on the Shenzhen celebration scene into a party of artificial intelligence, start with a "E" that the 200 robot dance shock. These have been in the late stage Dafangguangcai robot, by the Shenzhen local research and development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, precise motion control and deceleration algorithm ensures that the robot wants to complete a variety of dazzling and uniform on the stage of action, a comprehensive display of the Shenzhen made power. Then, from the CCTV sports channel famous host Mr. Zhang Bin and general manager of Beijing Mercedes – Benz Sales & Service Co., Southern District where wide cordial exchange mr.. They talked about the "global smart intelligent administrative car" in Taiwan from the new axis E car in the design of the intelligent driving, and on the Internet, together with the "wisdom" of friends, and on-site guests a glimpse of the future intelligent life scene, witnessed the new long wheelbase E car in the southern region of the perfect debut.     Beijing Mercedes – Benz sales and Service Co. Ltd. General Manager Mr. He Kuo said: "South Shenzhen, known as the" Chinese hit off of and intelligent industrial center, science and technology in this piece of land, brought together a group of elite wise. They devote themselves to the exploration of intelligent science and technology to create one after another "Shenzhen miracle". At the same time, it is also one of the most important Mercedes Benz in the Chinese market, so we deliberately chose the first station in Shenzhen as the Mercedes Benz E level long wheelbase car listed Southern campaign, and wisdom "like-minded partners, to share the human intelligence and the progress of science and technology." This strong sense of science and technology of the E car listing ceremony also attracted many high Pengcheng business representatives at the scene to watch, including domestic and foreign well-known subversive innovation group, KPS Technology Co. ltd.. In recent years, Guangqi group in intelligent transportation, materials science and Internet has made remarkable achievements. The KPS group co-founder, KPS Science Co chief executive officer of Luan Lynn Dr. as an innovator in the field of science and technology, relying on the knowledge, creativity and practice, and actively participate in the development of China intelligent technology industry. That night, she was invited to come to the scene, and we share the harvest and insight group KPS future development in the field of intelligent. The new long wheelbase E class car set up a hundred years of innovation spirit, the collection of today’s intelligent technology into. It receives the Mercedes Benz’s top manufacturing industry leader!相关的主题文章: