The new dada published eleven double distribution data, the peak exceeded 3 million single – Sohu of-diying

The new dada published eleven double distribution data, peak breakthrough 3 million single – Sohu Sohu technology science and technology news, November 11, 2016, announced its new dada distribution data of local real-time logistics platform "dada logistics" in the "double eleven" period. According to reports, the "double eleven" period, new dada invested 250 package capacity against the logistics exam. As of three pm, the day has been completed order delivery logistics dada of 2 million single. It is expected that the "double eleven" single day period, the peak value of dada logistics will exceed 3 million single. Technology driven, 250 new dada of crowdsourced against "double eleven" year "double eleven" will bring a surge in orders, the national express logistics system is also a big test. The main bottleneck of the entire logistics delivery system in the end of the distribution, that is, from the distribution station to the last three kilometers of consumer distribution. This year, dada logistics officially joined the "double eleven" logistics force, with large scale and low cost Crowdsourcing distribution capacity, efficient distribution services provided at the end of business partners. The new dada CEO Philip Kuai dada said: "2 million 500 thousand people Crowdsourcing part-time capacity pool size is very large, the total sum of the number of China and all full-time member of a distribution. This large pool has a huge flexibility, you can easily absorb the ‘double eleven’ soaring during the single. This year ‘double eleven’ period, our single peak is expected to single 3 million, higher than usual single of about 1000000. For any courier company based on full time delivery, such a doubling of growth will produce pain, and will bring a lot of extra cost. The people not only did not cause cost increase, but because of the scale effect and enhance efficiency, significantly reducing costs." This year dada’s "double eleven" distribution in more than 350 City, only docking Jingdong distribution station is close to 6000, also includes a number of other express delivery sites, and hundreds of thousands of dada every day in the other business services, management is extremely difficult. In the face of such a complex business, people with a strong product platform and technology algorithm, advanced management rules, on a day to do a lot of millions of single order real-time dynamic optimization, including: on the way with the order, order line, freight dynamic pricing, supply and demand dynamic regulation. "This’ double eleven ‘, we completed more than 10000 single distribution during the peak period, there are a large number of data exchange and operation, the stability and performance requirements of the platform is very high. We have successfully carried these challenges." Philip Kuai said. The new dada for opening win, more partners to provide quality services according to the introduction, in order to ensure the overall quality of service, tracking the implementation of the "4 level dada 100%" standard from the delivery staff selection and service: 100% delivery staff survey of 100% real name authentication, zero case bottom, 100% through online and offline training and examination, 100% orders real time tracking. In addition, the logistics distribution for each member of the dada established a complete set of credit system, algorithm and massive data to members of the distribution based on dynamic scoring, directly linked to the distribution members and the rewards and punishment system, greatly enhance the coordination.相关的主题文章: