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The National Day has The climate does not suit one. how to do? In fact, this can be avoided and Sohu are: South Beauty of ancient tea tea in 2016 "intact" small Tuo national holiday is the peak travel, many people will choose to travel during the National Day holiday, travel and nature is one of the problems facing the human geographical environment (The climate does not suit one. because the change caused by altitude sickness, such as diarrhea, loss of appetite, mental fatigue and other adverse reactions), is referred to as The climate does not suit one. one of the reasons caused by Holiday Travel The climate does not suit one. stomach diseases and discomfort. In different regions of China, there are great differences in geography and climate. The most typical and common ones are the southern humid, the northern dry, the north and the south, as well as the difference between the plateau and the plain. The health of our human body and the natural environment are closely related to all kinds of natural factors have a direct or indirect impact on the human body, so the environment will not change our body naturally. Stomach is the same, but some people have a strong ability to adapt to the environment, some people adapt to environmental capacity is weak, so the performance is not the same. So go out to play if the body is not very good quality, spleen deficiency, stomach the partial cold tea, the body is easy to discomfort, will be more strongly The climate does not suit one. [suggestion]: This is familiar with the environment The climate does not suit one. to a strange environment caused by the change, so before the trip may be appropriate to prepare some of their habits, familiar, often drink tea with me by drinking tea to create a body with a familiar environment. This is also the reason why the ancients out side will take home food, in addition to sustenance homesickness, but also through the consumption of food from home is one of the most common The climate does not suit one., tea food. This is the tea friends to ask: why is it? The reason is simple, because other food is not easy to carry, and is not easy to save. For example, a Beijing tea to Yunnan Lijiang tourism, he is with Beijing Roast Duck avoid The climate does not suit one. good? Or bring their own tea in Beijing often drink good? But now some tea production in consideration of convenient carrying and convenient brewing also made corresponding changes, such as a small bowl, most with 7 grams of one, you can brew out directly. If gastrointestinal health, mental fatigue, The climate does not suit one. showed loss of appetite and other non gastrointestinal problems, so drinking contains abundant material of Pu’er tea to boost the spirit and eliminate fatigue is better. On the other hand, since ancient times "daily necessities daily necessaries of tea daily expenses that tea also belong to the necessities of our body is more familiar with the food. Another example: the Chinese people have not eaten Beijing roast duck? Or did not drink too much tea? The National Day travel carrying tea, to choose more suitable for your body, or to develop long-term drinking habits. But there are also some matters needing attention, relatively cold tea, new tea Green Tea on the stomach irritation, so if manifested as diarrhea, abdominal pain and other The climate does not suit one. stomach problems, she couldn’t go to the weak stomach stimulation. This tea should choose tea and orange tea, tea, tea or soft ripe tea, if it is relatively cold in some areas of tourism, so the tea is warm "相关的主题文章: