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The movie "hide and seek" to uncover the layers of mystery thriller moment – Wan Qian deductive entertainment Sohu "hide and seek" Wan Qian "hide and seek" behind the scenes look at film stills Sohu entertainment starring Wallace Huo, Wan Qian, Hailu Qin’s social thriller film "hide and seek" adapted from the Korean movie, based on the real social events. The story revolves around a couple encounter horror incident, Wan Qian played the heroine’s lives also by the story of this fantastic ashes to ashes, uncover the layers of mystery. According to the South Korean movie adaptation of "hide and seek" around a couple days ago, from the exposure of a series of the trailer, the audience will feel the early stifling horror atmosphere. The film is full of gloomy colour, a couple because a casual visitor arrival broke the calm of life, seemingly peaceful appearance but bloodshed, door of the mark is more like a death signal, imperceptibly turned in danger. For unknown things, people fear also reveal the most incisive, from "hide and seek" the trailer is not difficult to see that the heroine Wan Qian eyes exudes fear, despair and helplessness, from the beginning to back to the horror of a distrustful abyss, choking fear in my heart, the treacherous the atmosphere to a climax. As the fourth quarter of the year 2016 was looking forward to the movie, "hide and seek" is expected to be a breakthrough, break the traditional pattern of social thriller.相关的主题文章: